Hyperpigmentation after my 1st braz. laser treat.

So I finally got my first laser treatment after searching high and low for a good laser technician. I am a fitzpatrick skin type IV but my brazilian area tends to be quite a bit darker than the rest of my body.

I started with a full brazilian with 1 session costing me $250. This place does not offer any packages. I was treated with a Candela GentleYag with an 18 mm spot size, 22J and a pulse width of 20 ms. I used maxilene since I was really scared of the pain in certain sensitive areas and most of the time the pain was no worse than a 5/10.

In terms of reaction, after the treatment the whole area looked like it had been bitten by a million mosquitos and was quite red. I applied a lot of aloe vera gel and used an ice pack for the next few days. By day 2 the swelling had pretty much gone down and there was just a little redness.

Once the redness and swelling went away I did notice some hyperpigmentation especially on the bikini line. Its not terrible it looks a lot like the kind of colour change I get when I have a scar etc. but it is definitely there.

After 3 weeks I noticed the shedding start to happen, except for one area on the left side so I went to the clinic for a touch up on that one particular spot. It has now been 8 weeks since my initial treatment. I have scheduled my next appointment a week from now but only about 8-10 sparse hairs have shown up so I will probably delay the next treatment so I can make sure I get all the hairs.

Now the hyperpigmentation is definitely still there, it is getting lighter as the weeks pass but I have not gone back to my original colour. Should I be worried about this? And should I be waiting for the hyperpigmentation to clear completely before my next treatment?

Hi Maxine,
Something you may want to know is that there was a post which was here , quoting one of the top laser pros with much experience and he had said that the labia area is not permeantly removed with laser. It will be affected temporarily but will have to be redone to keep the hair away. The reasons was related to the high amount of red blood vessels in that area affecting the laser’s effectiveness. You may want to ask your laser tech about their client record with the hair in that area returning .

Danika, do you mean that you will have to continue to get the labia area treated forever? or just that it will take more sessions. Did you have a link to that post?

Sorry MAxine, I cant recall where that post is but it was Michael Bono’s post after he had heard it from one of the top laser pros. From what i understood it works temporarily and does eventually always grow back. Ask your tech if this has been their long term experience.

I know women who have had the labia treated successfully with laser and permanently. I don’t know that I would repeat something someone heard somewhere without a name or a study attached to it as a fact. Laser doesn’t know what area the hair is on. It only “sees” pigment. If there is pigment, it will apply heat to it. This is why there is pigmentation in this case for example. A bit too much heat for the color of the skin treated.

Maxine, I would talk to the tech and they will adjust the settings on your next treatment (wait up to 12 weeks btw until most of the hair in the next cycle is there to treat). They may increase the pulse width or drop down the joules a bit or both.

Pigmentation is not permanent and will go away. Can take up to a few months though.

I dont memorize all the posts! But it was said by michael bono who i respect and is one of the pros on this forum so i felt it was valid enough to repeat. I suppose a search here of his posts would bring up the name of the laser pro who he had quoted . So far when i have asked the laser places i have been to have all confirmed that they haven’t had success in the labia area, long-term. Good to know that you have seen results there LAgirl.

Thank you both for your input.

I will wait longer LAgirl but there’s no risk in getting laser with the hyperpigmented skin?

Yes, it should be ok. But definitely talk to them about adjusting the settings.