Husband bought me a very old machine

I have been hoping to get electrolysis for many years. Unfortunately the closest electrologist is about two hours away and it would be difficult to make that trip weekly.

My husband surprised me with a used electrolysis machine a few weeks ago. It’s a Kree Radio-matic. He’s excited about learning to do electrolysis (or at least attemping to) on each other. I found kree needles in the Texas Electrolysis Supply website but I’m not really sure which sizes or lengths I should start out with.

dont. that machine is thermolysis only ( and very old/possibly dangerous) and shouldnt be used for DIY work.

I would advise against using a Kree Radiomatic. Not only does this machine date back to the 1950s, but it is calibrated far too high for safe hair removal. These machines are notorious for causing overtreatment and scarring. Without proper training, you are playing with fire. There are better much safer machines for DIY work.

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I am a electrologist practicing over 30 years in India. I do not recommend “Do it Yourself Electrolysis”. Yo can do electrolysis yourself only on two areas they are your left hand and your left leg, if you are right handed. Other areas like face, chest, stomach, etc., you have to use a mirror to locate the follicle correctly, which is difficult.
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I’m afraid I dont really agree with what ktharu has posted. As someone who has done quite a bit of DIY electrolysis prior to turning professional, I would be the first to say that while not easy, it is very possible to work on a wide variety of areas yourself.

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Hi, I have a question for you. I am using a sterex blend machine for electrolysis hair removal, and when I go to tweeze the hair out (after inserting the needle) the hair just breaks/snaps off. Am I using the wrong needle type, wrong settings or wrong technique? Advice would be appreciated!

The insertion may not be perfect and / or the energy level may be too low.

DIY electrolysis is not easy. I do not recommend it for doing one’s own face. Many that have tried and ended up scarring themselves. Legs, arms, breasts would be okay as long as you can reach the area, but I plead for people not to do their face.

If you can get training, all the better.

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Thank you for your help + advice!

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Elli sorry I didnt get back to this.
As Dee explained, it could be a lot of things, but it means we arent getting enough energy in the right place to disable the follicle and release the hair. This can be for a lot of reason including :
The machine not operating correctly, or not producing current This commonly happens when probeholder wires go bad.If you’ve bought the machine used, have you tested it?
Insertions must be accurate…The energy has to be in the right place to destroy the lower 1/3 of the follicle completely. Use of an insulated probe keeps all the energy release in the same area, but you have to align that part of the probe with the lower 1/3 .
The energy settings may be insufficient to effect the release of the hair, thus the hair breaks when you go to tweeze it.

Finally, we dont know even what modality you are working in. If its blend is lye being created? Is there a lye crust buildup on the probe?
It means quite a bit of troubleshooting, including doing a bubble test to check galvanic, a egg white test to test thermolysis , possibly swapping probeholders, and then fiinally having a good long look at your technique.
And finally, I feel like an old grandma saying this, please dont do thermolysis alone as DIY on your own face. It’s not going to end well for you.