I bought a phillips satinelle 2 in 1 epilator a few years ago thinking it would be a good alternative to waxing. First time I tried it on my lower legs- it felt like my leg was on fire! GOD I’ve never been in such pain. I quit using it altogether but just now I’ve decided to give it another shot. It didn’t hurt as much as before, but it still is incredibly painful! Is it because my particular epilator is bad, or is epilating always this painful? I’m getting tears in my eyes just thinking about it :frowning:


Some of the new epilators are supposed to do a better job. I had a similar painful experience about 10 years ago and have not used an epilator since.

However, in order to reduce the level of pain produced when using an epilator, some people have suggested waxing first, then using the epilator as the hairs start to grow back.


Those Satinelle devices were appropriately nicknamed SATANelle! :fearful:

The newer deviced are much les painful, especially after the first clearing. Shave your legs a few days before the first use, then keep up with the hair as it comes back in. It’s not nearly as bad then,


Thanks for the replies! I think you’re right Andrea, my epilator seems to be harsher than the ones available now. Mine doesn’t have any “massager” or anything, just alot of tweezers. I’ve been reading on this forum that Braun Epil Soft is really good, but how does it compare with phillips satin ice? The “painlessness” of satin ice seems very appealing :grin:


All epilators hurt-- don’t believe the hype!