how's regrowth after pregnancy?

I want to start laser treatments now on my bikini and underarm but plan on getting pregnant in about a year and a half. Does anyone know about regrowth after pregnancy? Would I be wasting my money on laser treatments now? On the up side, the place I like offers 3 year unlimited treatments.

everyone is different, no way to predict what your hormones will do. some do experience additional growth during pregnancy, so you should take it in consideration. even if it does happen, doesn’t necessarily mean that ALL of it will grow back, maybe just some.

What about laser after pregnancy?

I was going to have some laser treatments on my legs. But, I notice that I don’t need to shave as often. I’ve started losing hair (on my head) due to normal hormonal change about 4 months after giving birth. I assume the same is happening on my legs.

So, I’m wondering if the laser won’t be very effective since my hair is shedding anyway. Should I wait until the shedding stops?


Everyone has fewer hairs on the legs as they age. Some people get to the point where they have no hair on the legs as time goes by, without having done any hair removal. The question is, at what age would this happen to you, if ever?

It is for this reason that any hair removal on the legs is more effective that anything you might do on the face.

I think the legs and the top of the head (at least for men) are the only two places where the amount of hair decreases with age. Of course the amount of ear and nose hair increases to compensate for it.

At what age can one expect the amount of the leg hair to decrease on it’s own?


My hair loss is temporary since it’s due to pregnancy hormones changing. After 4-6 months, it’ll start growing again as usual. I don’t think you guys have to deal with this! :wink:

What I’m concerned about is whether the laser will be effective at removing hair that’s shedding. I’m thinking no. The laser needs to have growing hair to work, right?

Maybe I’ll wait until the hair stops shedding before I begin. I don’t want to waste my money on ineffective treatments.