how will i know?

I had a question, I am currently doing thermolysis electrolysis i just started last week, and she seems really fast in what shes doing. She says i have small pores, and so she really has to be extra careful in her insertions. anyways, my question is: how will i know what a proper insertion feels like? what should i be looking for when shes treating me?

she got a lot of the hairs out in the 2 hrs that i went. I wanna stick with her, she uses an apilus machine? not sure what that means, but shes been doing it for over 20 years.


All electrologists should be extra careful with their insertions as accurate insertions are part of good technique.

That said, here are some things to look for:

  1. The insertion has little sensation. If the insertion is painful, then the electrologist may be inserting outside of the follicle.
  2. The extraction of the hair does not feel like tweezing. There may be some traction, but not that yanked out sensation. Keep in mind that some club hairs might feel more like tweezing - in fact their extraction might hurt more than the current application - but there are some techniques that can minimize that.
  3. If you get a chance to view the extracted hair, you should be able to see a root sheath around most of the hairs. This is a clear or slightly cloudy sheath that anchors the hair in the follicle.
  4. Your skin might be red and puffy for a few hours and you might see some little pinpoint scabs the next day or so - but none of this should be evident unless you are looking closely.

Does that help answer your questions?

I purchased an Apilus machine a couple of years ago and my clients really love it. Typically the hairs are removed faster with the newer equipment and the sensation is less. You should definitely see good results from your treatments within 4-6 months.

Sounds pretty good to me. I hardly felt anything :s minus of course the little pinches lol but it was bearable. It was so different from the blend, the blend i felt like i could almost feel the needle going in, but not really, if that makes sense. I think because the blend is a longer insertion so it felt more painful. But honestly she was so fast and i didnt feel the needle at all, maybe once or twice on those stubborn hairs, and yes i see pinpoint scabs but nothing like i got form the blend. thats why i was wondering if the treatment was good lol
this is good to know! thanks guys! i didnt know that thermolysis was so a comfortable way of electrolysis, i was skeptical because so many people said it will not show results like the blend.
I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it will, like the professional electrologists on this forum say it takes skill, and accuracy. And you professionals use thermolysis too right =) so i definitely agree its at the skill of the electrologist that defines the results, not necessarily just the method.

so update on my 2nd visit with my new electrologist…the treatments are going well so far ive done 4 hrs total 2 hrs each time.
i had a question tho…is it normal that she made me bleed once? im thinking there was maybe something on my face that when she inserted caused it to bleed.
also how will i notice when the treatments are going well (ie proper treatments) right now its hard to tell. but shes fast and seems skilled in what she does…but i dont wanna brag too soon lol

she uses the apilus sm something? i cant remmebr it has a number under it…is this a good machine?

She may have punctured through the follicle wall. Inaccurate insertions can happen. Electrologists are not perfect, as we strive for perfection. The Apilus she uses is a good epilator, but an epilator is only as good as the human being who is operating it.

Did you get a bruise?

no i didnt bruise, but she said ive have some capillaires there which may have cause the bleeding. but regardless my scabs are not even noticeable!! its so odd, because other places ive gone too they either scarred me or they left such major scabbing!!

just wanted to know if this is a good thing lol, or should i be seeing more noticeable scabs?

I don’t hear complaints about scabbing on facial areas. Body areas are almost a given, but scabbing is small and is short-lived. I am not bragging about what I can do, but honestly I have to tell you that I just have my way of doing things and I stick to what I do and healing is no big deal. For a new client who has been tweezing for 20 years and presents with thick hair structures, skin reaction may be rougher for the first five or 6 sessions,but all goes well thereafter. I use a thermolysis mode 90% of the time. I have three modes to choose from and I go with whatever is appropriate for the hair structure at hand. Today I worked a lot with a great mode called Synchro, whereas, tomorrow I may be doing PicoFlash only. Thermolysis works wonderfully well, just as Blend works wonderfully well. Both can cause scabbing if performed lousily.

Don’t worry if you don’t get scabs. Worry if you feel like every hair is being tweezed, rather than sliding or popping out, in some cases. These modern epilators are really, really nice!

I havent felt any plucking! shes really fast with insertions, and the machine makes a noise everytime she makes an insertion, what does that mean?

i only saw once when she showed me a hair that had the bulb attached, shes like this is what it should look like lol