How usual is permanent scaring?

How usual is permanent scaring and hyperpigmentation when being treated with electrolysis? Is there a differenc between galvanic, thermolys and Blend in that regard?
How bad does this scaring and hyperpigmentation usually look? I want to treat some hairs on the sides of my neck (it’s not hundreads, more like 60-80 hairs) and I don’t want my neck to look all scared and destroyed because well the neck is a nice part of the body and the skin is soft, smooth and always visible.
I did go to a consultation with a thermolysis practitioner, she treated like five hairs so a could se what it would feel like and I got small bumps at every treated hair follicle. The bumps stayed for way over a week and then resolved but not without a trace, I believe I can still detect where the bumps have been although I can’t be one hundred percent sure.
Now I have been speaking to a Blend practitioner and at least she seems fairly knowledgeable and competent (she answers me questions way better then the thermolysis practitioner and she seems to know a lot about galvanic, Blend and thermolysis). I haven’t tried her treatment yet though. I have written about here in this thread: