How to wax/sugar back

How, without someone else to help, do you wax or sugar your back, your bum, or other areas you can’t see? Or should one use another method (maybe rotary tweezer) instead?


I used to sugar myself for several years. I don’t anymore because I now go, and am almost finished (I hope) with laser.

Even after several years of practice it was impossible to do areas that you cannot see.

My advice would be to get a friend, a good friend, and have this person do it for you.

You may also be surprised at the affordability of waxing at a salon in your home town. Leave it in the hands of proffesionals.

Good luck

You might be able to do your own butt in the mirror or lying on the bed (do a search for tips on waxing back there-- I wrote up a few tips).

Usually, it’s easier and more effective just to go to a pro, as jonny_longer noted.