How to wax at home


OK I have been waxing for a while and would like to share my methods with all of you.
i like hot wax better, all the cold waxes didn’t pull off all the hair and left a lot of wax on my skin. I use GiGi creme wax, its not beewax and works alot better. Ok how I wax, First I take a frying pan and place foil over it so wax wont ruin the pan(found out the hard way)put the wax in and heat it on med till its melted then place it on low, this will keep the wax a good consistency. I then use popsicle sticks to apply, their cheap and work great. I bought the real muslin roll from sallys(before i used to cut up old sheets) but the muslin works better. then just pull and your done. I found this system works good because the wax removes all the hair, you dont have to keep reheating, and the mess is minimal(i do it in my kitchen!)I hope this helps all you troubled at home waxers!


First-rate tips, Waxon-Waxoff ! The foil-lined pan is a new one on me-- very smart. :relaxed:

Nice Mr. Miyagi reference, too!


hugs her microwave

I prefer to only break out the cookware to make up new sugaring… I’d go bonkers if I couldn’t just nuke it to warm it up, I think. But then, I generally do my sugaring in my bathroom or bedroom, not down in the kitchen. One of the things I fully appreciate about the sugaring, though, is that even when it is messy, it cleans up like a dream.

I happen to like the non-woven variety of strip better than the muslin. My muslin strips kept getting completely frayed apart. These ones don’t fray, and they seem more durable than I originally expected them to be.


ok… I’m completely new at this and I’m just trying it out till I get it right… and I guess I have somewhat of a stupid question… As far as the muslin strips… do you just throw them away or is there a way to wash them? :confused: