How to use Silhouette Epil 100 at home

Please can someone help? I’m not a beautician but i bought a Silhouette Epil 100. I want to use it, not for hair removal, but for the removal of Campbell de Morgan spots. These are benign but cosmetically unsightly red spots. Can anyone give me some meaningful advice on how to operate the Epil 100 to remove these spots? My beautician used this machine on me before and it worked perfectly and removed these red spots. I would like to try removing them myself. Thanks.

Just FYI, that machine isn’t what most here consider a commercial grade machine, not quite like an Apilus or Silhouet-Tone. Nevertheless, it still may be effective for you, if you do the groundwork to get started. Before trying DIY electrolysis or cherry spot (that’s what I’ve heard them called) removal, first get a good working idea of how it all works. I’d recommend getting Michael Bono’s “The Blend Method” book and reading through that, especially the ‘thermolysis’ chapter. After that, get some good eye magnification glasses, and a really bright light to work with. Although you want to remove cherry spots, you still need to get an idea of how it all works in terms of delivering electrical current at the point of the needle. That’s something you need to sit down and read about, and really, it doesn’t take that long. Good Luck.

Hi! Considering the same device… Did you ever figure out the best practice method?