How to thread at home

I’ve searched and I’ve searched and I just can’t find any website on the internet which explains how to thread. Does anyone know how to and if not is there any website that anyone can please refer me to?


I’ll try & explain to u how to thread, hope it helps!

  1. cut a piece of thread like 10-12 inches, and tie a knot @ the end.
  2. put ur thumb & pointer finger by the knot (so the knot is on the outside) & the ur other pointer finger & thumb on the opposite side (like cat’s craddle)
  3. twist one hand so two holes become in the thread.
  4. place thread by the hair u want to remove & move hand upwards (so it goes in the opposite way of ur hair growth). don’t pull the thread alot, use ur neck more or less.
    This probably sounds kinda confusing but hopefully it gives u an idea!


Thank you for you help. I think I’ve almost got the technique. However, I’m having some problem with the pulling out of the hair. I feel some resistance happening, but the hair isn’t coming out. How do I move my hands (ie: my thumb and index finger)? Can you please give me a few more tips?


hiya, okay keep one of ur hands steady (i’m right handed but i move my left hand). So now take ur other hand (left in my case), the pointer finger facing upwards & thumb downwards. To remove the hair place the hole (the hole that’s closer to the hand ur moving (left))so it is facing the root of the hair u want to pull. Now pull the thread upwards. Ur pointer finger will go further up and thumb further down-but u have to do it simulateneously. It helps in certain areas to stretch it like under ur eyebrow or if ur doing ur upper lip to put ur tongue there so u can see the hairs better. With practice i’m sure u’ll get it-it take time to get hang out if it. WHen i was first learn/ing i would try on my legs!

sounds tricky

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I purchased a Do-It-Yourself threading tool from and it is very simple to use, very effective and very inexpensive. I can only do so much conventional threading on my own, gets very tedious after a while. So coming across this product was wonderful for me. You may want to check out their website.

These do-it-yourself things are smaller than the way you would make one at home. I will try to post some pictures soon.

Hi Mona!

 I don't know how I can possibly thread myself. I thought one piece of the string has to be held by the teeth, the other by the right hand, and the other piece by the left hand?? I am trying out your instructions but I can't do it. Can you help? I really really need to learn how to do this. I am moving soon, and I won't have threading available there..and I truly cannot live without it. Thanks Mona