How to tell where to start looking?

I don’t see a forum for that.

For some people who want permanent hair removal, going to a specialist is a viable option, and laser and ipl are viable options, and for others they aren’t. It’d probably help to have somewhere to talk about whether these are viable options before getting into the specifics.

I have been having health issues and sensory issues over the past few years. I don’t think I can go to a specialist, because I can’t find a local specialist, I can’t drive, and I can’t always take public transportation which isn’t accessible. I know the local system advertises that it is accessible, but it isn’t accessible for people with sensory issues such as hyperacusis. I don’t think I can do home electrolysis, because I don’t have the coordination any more. So I think that pretty much means either home laser, home ipl, or shaving every day. I am not sure though.

As for my needs, I have excess facial hair, especially with extra growth in the past few years. I have sensitive skin. My skin is fairly light, but my hair there is mixed with some dark, some coppery, and some light. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned above, seeing a specialist is no longer an option, and home electrolysis is no longer an option either.

Most home laser and ipl kits aren’t designed for the face, and aren’t as effective on light or reddish hair though I can’t find out if they are as effective on coppery hair. I think some sets such as the HoMedics Duo are supposed to have facial adaptors, but while I can find info about ordering the basic unit, I can’t find anything about ordering the facial adaptor. I think it is possible to use carbon dye to help, but this involves epilating the fact [ouch!].

P.S. I could also look into noise-cancelling headphones. I already use ear protectors and ear plugs whenever running errands, and I still have trouble with loud noises even so, but maybe noise-cancelling headphones would let me cope with loud noises, ride the buses and trains, though still suffering from the bright strobing lights, and see a specialist.

If I recall there are some ok’d for facial use, at least from the eye level and below.
I’m sure that was the case with the Tria anyhow, and possibly one of the Remington models?