How to tell a good technician?


I have read some info on laser treatments.
But one thing I do not fully understand is how to tell if the person doing the laser treatment is good?
I went to a doctor who didnt know how many treatments it would take but said possibly 4. I have hormonal problems and mad facial hair. He made no comment about my fair skin and the use of the Lyra, just said it works for all skin types.
He turned it to max for a patch test and I barely felt any pain, he made no mention of the lotion elma??? I keep seeing referred to here.

Im just very lost and confused as to what to expect with results and how to know if it is me that is not responding to the treatment or the doctor isnt doing it right.

btw, the patch test was done on quarter size area i cant see any difference in fact I dont know now where he even did the test, i mean what area exactly it all looks the same, stubble from me shving the day of.