how to question your electrologist?

Hi everyone,
I’ve just been reading some ancient posts and in one James said that if you can feel the probe going in, you’re not being properly treated. Uh-oh.

Today was my first session and I definitely felt the probe going in nearly half the time. I don’t know squat about electrolysis, so how do I question my electro when my only knowledge comes from something I read on the Internet? Isn’t it insulting to her?


I’ve been to a lot of electrologists and I’ve never really had the nerve to question their techniques directly except for when I thought they were using excess voltage…but what I did do was try a bunch of different people before settling down with one. I know it’s nerve wracking going to a new person and that there’s a certain urge to just say “ok, this must just be the way it is. I dont want to hurt her feelings” rather than keep having those “first appointment jitters” but I’d advise that you fight that and try a few different people. They’ll probably vary in lots of ways. If I had stayed with the first person I tried I’d be putting myself through unneccessary agony every week with much worse results than I’m getting now and I dont think that I would have found that out by asking her, I had to go to new people.

I dont know if that helps, but I just started posting here so I’m replying to everything that I even think I might have something to say to…

Why would you not asked why it hurts or what the electrogist is doing?
If the Electrogist is a good one she will have no problem with those questions.
I explain what I do to every new Patient I have and alway encourage to ask questions.You will spend quite some time and money going there.You better be happy and feel you can talk to the Electrogist.This is part of being a good Electrogist making a patient part of the treatment not just working on on a piece of meat.