How to prevent ingrown hairs

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I just put together an infographic about how to prevent ingrown hairs.

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Here it is:

Beautiful … very well done. BRAVO!

For women, ingrown leg hair is a nightmare, you can check this post for more useful information:

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This is wonderful information. Thank you for posting! One thing caught my attention. You wrote,

"This is Remedy: For a permanent solution, check into a home laser hair removal device. Or for a lower cost alternative, invest in a good epilator and make sure to follow all of these great tips how to prevent ingrown hairs! "

I would like to encourage one correction. The best PERMANENT SOLUTION remedy for ingrowns is electrolysis, hands down. Electrologists take sterile lancets and gently raise the ingrown hair from under the skin and then treat the follicle so the hair never returns. We’ve been doing this for over a hundred years and it works - permanently. You need plenty of energy to punch the hair and home lasers are not strong enough to do that. Are most home lasers still putting out 3-5 joules? If they are, it may stun the hair for a little while, but such low energy levels will not affect the hair.

Epilators are not permanent solutions.

We strive to be truthful here on Hairtell, so I just wanted to share that information with you.

This is all very helpful. Ingrown have been the bane of my life

Hi there! I also have some favorite articles about it
It is said that you should use a sharp razor (like Braun). With a dull razor, you’ll likely have to go over the skin multiple times, raising your risk of cutting yourself, irritating your skin, and, possibly, getting an ingrown hair or infection. Your razor will typically feel less effective after a few uses, in which case it’s time to toss it or swap out the blades.

moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing. creams, gels, lotions, etc. peeling glycolic peeling also helps me, but I do exfoliating procedures usinng maryann pads ( strictly not earlier than 2 weeks after the hair removal procedure, so as not to harm the skin
I also once read about the relationship between the predisposition to varicose veins and the frequency of ingrown hairs. in the article they wrote about an additional subsidy of vitamin C. I do not know how much this is a true article