How to mark thin light hair for electrolysis treatmen?t


I am looking for way to remove thin light color hairs for my clients. Please give me an idea how to mark them so I can see them


Trying different lighting techniques is usually the easiest option. Try full spectrum light, and maybe a try moving that light or a second light source from a different angle.

Do you use magnifying glasses?

Generally, it’s better not to try to color hairs to be treated, as you may accidentally darken other hairs or skin in a way that the client does not like.


Andrea is absolutely correct. Using your LED or halogen light at the correct side ways angle, along with quality surgical loupes is all you need. Positioning the client correctly is the third leg of the triangle.


As you have not indicated the area, and if the hair is underarms or Brazilian, ask your client to tint the hair before treatment. It works so well
Face is lighting totally agree