How to make me SICK!

How to make me physically ill to the point of wanting to “throw-up?” That’s easy, just call me “Great” or give me some obsequious compliment. Thanks, but I’d rather have some dialogue … even a good argument. If I want agreement, I can look in the mirror (although sometimes that’s an argument too!).

Thing is, I never look at my damned books. Once I’m done with a project I never look back and completely lose interest in the thing. However, there is a hidden message in those writings and that will be the point of this latest missive.

I remember my early electrology meetings and was so eager to learn from the experts. For the most part, people were silent, would not share ideas or techniques … yet, they would say, “Mine is the best.” They would dismiss any of my ideas and not really listen. There seemed to be no interest. To me “secrecy” is the shit of our industry. Can I put it any more clearly?

Even my beloved Hinkle. He once confided in me that he wrote his book specifically so that a person would have to attend his school to actually learn the blend method. I looked at the electrology landscape and saw practitioners, manufacturers and writers … and none of them simply giving the profession the straight unvarnished facts. I tried to do that in all my writings.

I tried to put actual usable information in every sentence, if possible. I don’t care if you agree or disagree, but I wanted to make it clear and give something that could be used. The following is an actual statement from another electrology book. This kind of statement is totally worthless because it says nothing (many books are loaded with this sort of thing):

“It’s extremely important that, when you are dealing with the client, that you always act in a totally professional manner.” (Does that mean anything at all?)

I’m still frustrated. We still have “professional secrets.” We still say: “Just buy this or that machine and you will be the best.” I remember the “House of Saint James” with their truly revolutionary multi-needle unit, but Dwight Letchworth would not explain the thing unless you bought it. Lucy Peters (who made a great name for herself) withheld her technique and, at the same time, dismissed all other techniques as a fraud!

Amazingly, when I wanted to investigate the new Dectro units (which I think are terrific), I was not allowed to enter the school because “I might be spying for another school or manufacturer.” I find this pathetic … totally pathetic. (See, I would prefer learning from the real pros. I think I’ve earned it?)

Again, this is shit! If you read through any of my “hot-tempered” posts, this aspect is always at the heart of my discontent. If you have “something” … get it out there. Share it with all of us. Give us REAL details, not just a bunch of fluff. I don’t want to hear about how “great” the thing is … SHOW ME! Give me details and photograph the thing. Oh yes, and I don’t want to be “the great” either; I’m just another guy trying his best to kill those damned hair follicles!

And so, I am encouraging you all to WRITE YOUR BOOK on what you know, have seen, and experienced. Today with the new “eBooks” this is getting easier and easier. Yes, eventually all my books will be ebooks, but I don’t think enough users, at the moment, have a Kindle or other ebook device. But it is coming! With electronic books, all of you can become “book writers” and purveyors of information. There is virtually no cost to it and this will uplift our profession.

I’m eager to help you if you would like.

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There has been a past thread where electrologists discussed their use of the Apilus Platinum. What I’d love to see documented and reviewed are their favored settings for the more complex modes available on this machine. Factory-defined presets make the majority of ordinary work easier for the electrologists, but I know they have found and developed their own preferred settings and/or combinations of settings that are most successful for them.

Explaining why they chose these settings and why they believe they are more effective would certainly be an enlightening discussion.

Settings have a lot to do with how well hydrated, oily the tissue is for that appointment. There are way too many variables to consider. This is why electrolysis is not only a science but also an art. The presets are just a guide.

Hello Caith,
I’m one of those who prefer to “personalize” with the settings. I do not keep any secrets, Oscar Wilde said that a woman who says her age will reveal everything. Well, there’s a post where I confess my age (the true).

In case anyone has not read I prefer to click twice with half the energy, my videos on YouTube, show it. The reason is simple, part of the energy of the first shot is useful to make more effective the second.
I do not see the usefulness of having a machine that can operate in milliseconds if you keep using a program that works in hundredths or tenths.

The main advantage of the Blend with regard to Flash is that the Blend is progressive and can cover the entire follicle, while Flash has limitations in the field of action. However the Blend is more painful than Flash. Well, the repetition of Flash shots lets a progression of the pattern of heat to the surface, ultimately reaching anchorage area.

As for keeping “secrets”, I can understand those who choose to remain silent. After all, you have to pay for all the training you receive.
How much did those who attended the symposium Dectro?
There is a difference between us and the illustrious doctors, while that for them the assistance to conferences at luxury hotels is paid by some powerful laboratory, we have to pay for every small thing we learn.

There’s still something that has done more damage to this industry: The absurd struggle between the Blenders and the flashers.

Funny you should mention the Dectro Symposium. Yes, between cost of travel, hotel, meals and the classes, it ran into more than $2,500. There are no trade secrets. The key is, making that good insertion and getting a release. Once you have that, you can then experiment. There are NO optimal universal settings, there are just guidelines. READ THE BOOKS, TAKE THE COURSE, and you get some guidelines. How many folks are reading the books? Book sales, tell us about that Michael.

So, no matter how much time and money I spend on these continuing education events, it all comes down to decisions and those decisions are not going to always be the same. Look back at your charts and get the settings from client A’s chart, recall the same settings and hmmm, doesn’t work this time…gotta think. This was reaffirmed at one of the training classes I participated in. An electrologist asked for the data on what is best to use for different situations and the response was skirted around because there are too many variables to consider and ya gotta be a thinker! High attrition in electrolysis and so few electrologists available because why??? You might think it is easy because you have the ability to do it well. I have tried to train people - some for free - and many give up.

What secrets can there be?
There are basics in information:
probe choice
modality choice
environmental conditions
client condition

and there is no agreement on what is universally best
thank god for this since those in power usually support a narrow self profitable view

Not everyone is able to impart information and express themselves as well as Michael and it is often intimidating sharing information with people who already feel they know everything, like some of the folks at HairTell. This is why most of our colleagues don’t want to be here or post anonymously.

One clarification from the people @ Dectro California, also known as Aesthetics Systems USA. Mr. Bono has omitted to say that he tried the Apilus Platinum at the AEA convention in San Francisco and this demonstration was extensive. That was in 2007. In Sept. of 2009, he again experienced the Platiunum at the Long Beach Aesthetics show. We are assuming that these experiences led him to conclude that the Platinum was terrific. Thank you for your endorsement Mr. Bono!

Oh no no no … I did no such “extensive” test at all. However, I did have some work done on me (privately by Better Devito) and found the unit quite wonderful. So, I suppose I do “endorse” the Dectro.

I have always had a very good relationship with the home company. The fellows have always been helpful and extremely OPEN! Dectro has done a lot for the industry … while the other companies have sort of given up! But because I am friendly with other schools does not therefore make me “anti-your-school!”

Years ago the Hinkel school and the Minenni school seemed to be at war with each other. Of course, I attended Hinkel’s school and he was a beloved friend. Still, I also became a friend of Rose Minenni and lectured a few times at her school. (I may have helped patch up the feud too?)

The point is that I certainly am not a spy (and yes, I did help the Hinkel company, the Clareblend company and several companies in Europe.) I’m basically agnostic when it comes to businesses.

The Dectro is a fascinating unit. And, even though I’m getting close to the end of my career, I have never lost interest in innovations. Jossie of Spain has been emailing me for some time and she has increased my interest in the units.

My interest in your unit is that I believe the people using the machine have developed a new and different treatment strategy. They are doing things that cannot be done with other units. Of course, my interest is high.

At the time I looked at your units (and it was ONLY a look!) I assumed your was “just another machine.”

I was not prepared for the attitude of Ron. I always liked Ron and there was never a problem. So, I’m always ready to get my old butt down to the school and, this time, take a real “test drive” myself. Some of your “end users” have been very open to my “looking,” but I would really like to talk with your teachers.

I don’t actually know what’s going on with the various “camps,” and "frankly my dear, I don’t give a D… "

Eventually, I would like to add different “treatment strategies” in my book. Each modality mandates it’s own strategy. For example multiple needle has a vastly different strategy than, say, the blend, or certainly the “pico-flash.”

(I think Hairtell is wonderful and a great place to say things in public … ) Give me a call, Ron, after the holidays … Be Well!

That explains a lot…

James Walker and Barbara Greathouse have shared information frequently and quite clearly, on a level I find to be on par with the best this profession has to offer. You are tops, too, Arlene along with Josefa. The best thing is, I do not get the sense that any of the aforementioned, do this for the hope of financial gain. It comes from the heart, with the spirit of sharing. I don’t know what you meant by your last two sentences, Arlene, and I am not even curious to know.

Funny comment Barbara. But indeed, you really can’t do the blend from Hinkel’s book. Like many books, it has great information. But learning the thing was not Hinkel’s mission. But, I wanted to do a “nuts and bolts” piece.

The thing is, I simply wrote down everything I knew and, well, “egos be damned.” I believe in sharing information. It’s really what I’m all about. Over the years almost everybody in the industry has gotten angry with me … for sharing information mostly. Everybody got over it once they realized that’s “just the way I am.”

I helped Clare develop their first blend. I helped Blokker (NL) develop his program and machine and also helped Timmers Marcus (NL) his “sort-of” rival. I helped Van Lint and then CTI (Romano Scavo). If a person asks for my input, they get it. I think we all are like that “more or less.”

If you think about it, none of us profits without the help of all of us. I still have a few more items to share but (mostly) people are not open to my ideas. I’m going to have to present it in a very formal way; not just “talk.”

Somebody asked about books sales and this year has been phenomenal … but in the “tele removal” area. I don’t know who’s buying my telangiectasia material, but suddenly these bits and pieces have found a market (it only took 20 years … ha ha ha).

I think the estheticians are doing this treatment and now there are many machines now being produced to do this treatment. (You all already have the machine.) I still think it should have been “ours.” But that’s another story altogether.

MIchael, there are now more classes teaching estheticians how to administer the treatments for telangiectasia. Dectro. offers instruction and I think this class has helped your sales for that title.
Tell me, do any of the schools order your electrology books for their students? I have tried to push it for you in 2 schools but neither had an interest.

And do not you think that the technical aspects surrounding the use of Platinum should be free for anyone who has purchased the machine and for potential buyers?
After all, what better ambassadors for these machines than those who take full advantage?
And what better way to take advantage to know the conclusions have Dectro trainers reached?

Why do you have to parameterize least “e.l” for Multiplex that for Picoflash?
For some, pulses repetition dries the follicle, however for me it is the way to find the perfect coagulation.

Synchro is the pulse repetition .002 s set by the machine, why this system is so valued by some, however, the programming of 9 pulses Picoflash .001s is not welcomed?

[color:#660000]The pulses automatically come off the tip of the probe at 2/1000 of a second! You can actually calculate the number of pulses. For example, if you set the el’s at chin-2 .12 seconds at 49%, the number of pulses you can deliver is 40 pulses in 2/1000’s of a second!!![/color]
Why I do not have such information in my instruction manual?

Funny thing, Arlene, NONE of the schools in the United States EVER bought my books. I think since 1995, I might have sold 50 books to the US schools. Here and there a school will order a couple for their students. But 95% of all sales were from independent electrologists. Most school sales are still over-seas. However, here in the US of A, the tele is on a rapid launch. At $200 for a 15-minute treatment, I can see why! (Please consider adding this to your practice if you have not done so already. You already have the machine and certainly the skill.)

I think the ideal book would include actual laser techniques and all the various electrolysis techniques … expressed in simple “yes, I can do that” language. ALL the manufacturers would benefit from more “free” data and open information. (My blend book is “dated” in that the Flash Renaissance is on the upswing. After some time, I suppose, the blend will come back … nothing ever goes out of fashion, it just gets recycled.)

I am somewhat planning a website that will have nearly all free downloadable useable materials for all of us (written by several experts too). It’s what I believe in. Bi-lingual too.

Giving away information in the “information age” is the key to everyone’s success. Our own California Association is now on a fast-track to make their website “open to all” with “free information” to all — not just members! I’m pushing this and helping Patsy. She really “gets it.”

The example is when M.I.T. put tons of free information on their website: even complete courses. What happened? They got 20 million “hits” in one year and their enrollment skyrocketed.

So, “give it away!” The rewards will come back to you (and the profession) ten-fold!

As far as sharing goes, this website is loaded with help. I can’t even count the number of private messages I have received from new and seasoned electrologists, who have purchased the Apilus Platinum, wanting advice. I freely give it up (ewwwww, that doesn’t sound right). Anyway, sometimes I get thank you’s and sometimes I don’t.

Another point. Anyone who purchases an epilator from Dectro is offered free training at one of their Apilus Centers. I also know that if I have question I can e-mail of call one of the electrologists at Dectro and ask for help whenever I need to . Recently, I was having problems with my printer and Jean-Louis offered to send me a new printer with full confidence that I could open up the unit and install the printer myself. He said if I ran into trouble, he would walk me through it over the phone. He said there would be no charge until he was sure that I was fully satisfied. Guess what, I installed the printer in ten minutes. It was that user friendly and so simple. I called Jean-Louis and told him I was ready to pay for the new printer and that my self-esteem level was up one hundred points. The Apilus Platinum is very user friendly. We have a company that supports us very well and I personally know a new electrologist that e-mails the good people at Dectro and receives replies that are helpful. I will go further and proclaim that our Canadian friends at Dectro International have SAVED the electrolysis profession in North America and beyond. Their thermolysis modes are fantastic. At this time, I am seeing one client who needs blend and I am using OmniBlend for her facial hair and it is fantastic as well.

There is PLENTY of unselfishness here on HairTell. We DO give it up. I have been doing my best to bring the good news about electrolysis since 2003 and James has been registered since 2002. We are about helping others whether they are electrologists or consumers. There is good information all over this website and much of that information has been repeated and repeated and repeated to the deep blue level on the cyanosis scale. Some in this profession don’t like what I have to say. I get that feedback, too. It is okay. Those people are free to approach and contribute their agreement or disagreement. I don’t own this website, so come forth without intimidation, and take your rightful place here.

Here is a thread demonstrating a sharing and learning experience from September, 2011.

I think this is great. All of you have earned (at least) my respect and admiration. Indeed, Dectro deserves to be saluted too and they are almost the only ones left.

I have really been astounded how, when the field started to contract, most of the manufacturers contracted too. Many went on to make other devices (and I understand that decision). But many of us felt “let down.” I know I do.

It would be wonderful to be able to reach an even bigger audience of electrologists. I suppose it is up to them to care enough to get involved. I think more should. That’s a wonderful thread, Dee.

I love the passion here and I think the clients can sense it very much. I’m proud to be among you fellow “zappers!”

Dee, when you use omniblend. How many seconds does it take to deliver current to one hair? I am using thermolysis now, but maybe I should be considering blend more?
p.s. You’re a star and completely unselfish when it comes to sharing information. I love your enthusiasm for your job and your efforts to help your clients lead a fuller life. I feel this too. It can be a very therapeutic treatment for our clients. Best wishes.

Thank you.

Dolly, have you been on the AEA Facebook site yet? We are all networking and sharing our strategies with equipment used in greater depth. There is a lot to know, but the basics still rule when it comes to perfect insertions, intensity and timing, for cooking a hair.

As for OminiBlend, I only use this for mole hairs, but like EvoluBlend as well. I have one client that does orefer blend and Omni Blend is a great choice for her. Six seconds is what I use for her particular hair structure. It only took me a couple seconds to figure out the right balance and timing for her and you could do the same for your client. I am using one of the thermolysis modes for the vast majority if my clients because more hairs per hour can be removed.

I can see Michael’s point and appreciate all the sharing he has done!

It’s really important to share information, especially with the newer generation because there are so few joining up and the experts are retiring… hopefully not with their “trade secrets”. Of course I am biased since I’m a newbie compared to alot of Electrologists on this site.

I could compare electrolysis to the dying of knowledge of an old traditional culture that occurs with the broken or forced suppression of information through the passing of generations. For electrolysis, this really began in the mid 90’s?

Dramatic analogy? YES lol but careers, publications, schools disappear alot faster than a living generation!

I feel that the few books out there and this site (thank you all who have shared) is really the only way to learn new information especially for people who don’t have the local resources or to travel and pay $$$ for more training. The reputation of Electrolysis as a whole is boosted when there are more knowledgable skilled professionals out there. Otherwise the public will turn back to waxing and laser.

I know every electrologist has to be the master of their own direction and find their “knowledge” but, all I’m trying to say is the current and up-to-date resources are dwindling these days.

I wish hairroute was still going, the old articles are great but what about new technology or scientific discoveries?

Had to add in: I am not putting down waxing and laser since I have done both and they have their place in hair removal, but I really don’t want to see electrolysis disappear or seem obsolete to the public…since alot of the 20 and 30 yr olds seems to think electrolysis is exactly that: obsolete.

People ask me all the time. Which one is best… My answer is the one your electroigist is good at. Ive see great work by all types of equipment and methods. Having said that Ive also see not so great work by those same machinges and methods… It all boils down to knowing how to work your equipment,good insertions and watching the skin. One of my other big beliefs is ONCE YOU THINK YOU KNOW IT ALL ITS TIME TO RETIRE…NEVER STOP LEARNING. Ive been zapping hairs for 27 years. I was 19 when i started. Im still learing things all the time. I find the more i share what i know, the more i learn… Everyone wins.