How to make hair softer? How to eliminate itching?

I have trimmed my legs hair with scisors and it looks
much better now. But there is knew problem, which I was expected.
When I’m wearing trousers I feel like I had hundreds of pils, needles on
my legs. It’s very painful, but it’s much better than what I felt before trimming.

I have several questions connected with trimming:

  1. What to do to make trimmed hair to feel softer, more natural?
    What to do to minimize itching (it’s realy painful) ?
    (maybe there is some cream or something like that)
  2. If electric clipper would be the better choice then scisors in this case?
  3. Will electric clipper cause less itching?
  4. What electric clipper would you recommend me? (which are available on Internet stores)
  5. If you can give me any tips about trimming body hair I would be very thankful?

thank you for reading this
I count on your help

The shorter it’s cut, the more bristly it will feel.

You might try lotion with a lot of emollients and a mild alkaline solution like Jergens Shave Minimizing Moisturizer.

Electric clipper is faster but will probably cause more itching. If you get one, be sure it has several adjustable lengths. The Wahl models are good.

Be sure to shower right after trimming to reduce itchiness, and use a moisturizer.