How to kill the most hair in 3mo?

I need to permanently remove as much hair as possible from my genital area in advance of surgery and I only have three months to do it. I know it’s not enough time. Please no “postpone the surgery” comments; you don’t know how difficult that would be. We’re just trying to minimize the number of hairs that need to be dealt with post-surgery.

I was able to get a long session yesterday to completely clear the area and scheduled a second one for two months from now.

My question is whether there is any point in squeezing any more sessions into the time I’ve got. Alternatively, would there be benefit to pushing the second session back so it’s as close to the surgery date as possible?

Thanks all!

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I’m extremely hesitant to answer this question. I’ve had a few go off on me when I was honest on this issue. Dont shoot the messenger, because you dont like the answer you recieve. Its nothing personal, but if it happens again I’m refusing to answer such questions ever. So what you do affects everyone that comes after you.
We cannot accomplish any meaningful hair removal in such a short period, far less than a single growth cycle. Further many surgeons performing GRS have indicated that they will refuse to operate as the skin, having been treated so recently is not suitable for the procedure.My recommendation would be to not do it and either rely on the scrape method employed by the surgeon, or to delay surgery until after you have successfully cleared the area permanently.
Oh and yes, I DO know what issues such a delay might cause in your surgery approval process. I’ve been through the process.


I really appreciate that you took the time to answer my question! I want to make sure I understand your answer. Would the following correct interpretation of “Not to do it” be correct? “No there is no point deviating from your current plan of two sessions two months apart. That is the best you can do.”

I’ve already talked to my surgeon and if I heal well in the next two weeks I’ll know that I can push the second session back by two weeks. I will know shortly whether that is an option. Would you recommend I exercise that option? I get the impression that you think it wouldn’t make any difference, but that’s reading between the lines.

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This would depend on your surgeon. GRS montreal requires no electrolysis be performed for 6-12 months before your surgery date. Other doctors have different policies. Some are concerned about the skin having lost elasticity because of the formation of scar tissue and will refuse the surgery if they think the skin is not in a condition they can work with.
There’s not anything meaningful we can do in terms of hair removal in a 3 month period, I’m sorry but this is the truth.

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I know this conversation is with Seana, but I will chime in if you don’t mind. A delay of two weeks would NOT make any difference at all … zero. While the scrape method helps, it is NOT 100% and you could end up with some hair growing on the inside if this is the only procedure you have to get rid of the hair.

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always happy to have you chime in David.

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Can you please try to roughly quantify “not anything meaningful”? Surely even one clearing must have some effect.

In my completely inexpert thinking I was thinking that each session, adequately spaced, should be getting at least a 80% of 33% of the hairs or 27% (viz., kill rate times the fraction actively growing). Doing that twice could mean I’d end up with about half as many potentially problematic hairs post-op. That seems to me to be way better than nothing.

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Thank you, David. No, please, I’d like to hear from as many people as possible. I’m asking here specifically because I’ve heard different things from different electrologists and can’t find any definitive sources on my own.

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sorry but I’m working today, so am slow to respond as I’m with clients.
I’m not going to throw percentages or kill rates into it since so much of that depends on the skill of the electrologist in the modality they are working in…
I would necessarily have to likely be working in blend to think that I am accomplishing a 80% or greater kill rate. The issue is more that you are doing damage ( intentional damage) to the skin for every hair removed. That damage in terms of your surgery, outweighs any possible benefits of having done. it.

The most thorough effctive DOCUMENTED clearances would be those performed by Josefa. She did show about a 33% effective rate beween first and second clearance fairly consistently. Your average electrologist, would be lucky to achieve half of that, due to not following the same protocols.
TLDR answer, you will likely cause more disruption to the GRS process than you will accomplish doing so, and my best advice is not to do electrolysis right before or in the 3 months prior to GRS.

Think of hair growth like an iceberg. What you see above the skin at any given time is but a small portion of the total amount of hair. You can research “hair growth cycles” to better understand how this works. Consider that electrolysis takes an AVERAGE (keyword) of 18 months of prescribed treatments to complete most areas and how little time 2 weeks would be into this total time frame. For this reason, running percentages for treatments over a 2 week period is an exercise in futility.

Let’s say your electrologist is top 1% and can guarantee even 99% kill rate. The only hair that’s humanly possible to treat is all visible hair now, but the same area currently has numerous hairs that are in resting phase and are not visible so they can’t and won’t be treated in the next 2 weeks or 3 months. Those hairs will start entering their growing stage cycle much later. Hair growth cycle can’t be manipulated and it controls what an electrologist can accomplish in given time period.

A friend and colleague had the surgery too soon and the surgeon guaranteed that his procedure would kill off all the hairs. It didn’t. She had tons of hair inside the area. I had to work “upside-down” thru that horrible instrument women have to contend with (pelvic exams). It was brutal … and, it’s your decision (and your “gamble). Finding a post-op electrologist to perform hair removal from inside that area would be next to impossible. That’s all I have to say.

My back wont let me do this work. post operatively. I’ve had lots of requests. I’ve unfortunately had to tellt hem that I didnt think they would find an electrologist capable of this in Ontario.

The ones I feel most for, are those with a LOT of hair. I’ve spoken from time to time of 1 case I have, that I’m certain has exceded 400 hours by now and is STILL not finished. It was a huge job, on massive scale. The client has started other areas but one she wanted done was GRS prep, however, she recently had the surgery after forgoing hair removal there due to the cost . Her electrolysis isnt done yet, her chest remains a huge job we are barely started on . I HOPE she doesnt have growth internally but I’m not at all confident this will be the case. here almost none of the hair removal is covered by insurance, the US actually is one up on us there. Those who have a LOT of hair face a difficult financial and physical challenge.

The original horror of my friend is that post-surgery, the surgeon (I suppose) WAXED out the hairs … or somehow “yanked” them out. Your imagination doesn’t have go too far to visualize the situation I encountered.