How to keep Hard Wax warm

Hi All,

Is there a way to keep Hard Wax warm without a Wax Warmer? I’ve used a home waxing kit but I had to keep warming (putting in microwave) the wax up every 5 mins. I tried putting the tub into a bowl of hot water but it didn’t seem to keep it warm/creamy enough.


try using a small crock pot with several different settings.

Clever troubleshooting but microwaving the wax does not provide the temperature consistancy needed for wax, nor does the crock pot. Wax warmers regulate the temperature from 98 - 120 degrees. A wax warming single pot unit only costs about $50.

I have learned the hard way that microwaving and crock pots are not the answer. I have also tried cheap wax warmers and they don’t work well either. Invest some money and set yourself up properly. This will save you in the long run.

~ Megan @ Hair Removal [hair-removal-options dot com] A Guide to find the best hair removal option for you