How to get through pandemic and social isolation/quarantine while doing hair removal

I’d like to take a moment to address hair removal consumers everywhere, as to suggestions on how to handle things such as hair whilst in social isolation or quarantine.

Many electrology businesses, my own included, are now closed , and those that are not, are likely to close soon or with very little notice. This is a problem for many of our clientele who now have had their treatment schedules interupted with little to no notice for as little as a few weeks, or in some cases, as long as months .
The aim of this thread is to help you through this time.While hair removal is unavailable, so to is going to be elective surgeries. so those of you preparing for GRS surgeries, are likely to see these procedures delayed as well. For this reason, if you are doing hair removal for surgical preparatory reasons, please know that you will have the chance to do hair removal.

While no one has ever died from unwanted hair in the history of mankind, lots of people have died already from the COVID 19 virus. For this reason, I am advising you if you have not already, no matter where in the world you are, to please discontinue your treatments immediately if you have not already done so. Please maintain your shelter in place instructions as are being cmmunicated to you in your individual areas.

While shaving is not normally recommended while doing electrolysis by many electrologists, it remains the best way to remove the hair on a temporary basis while in quarantine. Please I urge you do not pluck or wax hair while in quarantine or social isolation. We will all be back to normal as soon as is possible, but in the meantime plucking or waxing can and will mae hair issues worse. We will all be there to help you when this is all over, and by refraining from plucking, you are making the overall process of hair removal better for you.

Yes, there will be an adjustment to the amount of time over which hair removal must be performed. Expect this. But rest assured that hair killed by electrolysis up until now, remain dead. You will not lose your progress. Those working from home or i social isolation can take solice in the fact that no one can tell if you have hair from 6-10 feet away. Only you have to know . When the time comes this is all done, we will be there to help you catch up.

The best thing that consumers can do at the moment, is not panic and protect your health.

I invite all of my co-electrologists to submit their tips and tricks and pieces of advice to this thread as well. We can get through this.


Very simple and the same as I always tell my clients, snip the hair - DO NOT TWEEZE.

However, for this pandemic, I wouldn’t blame them if they have to tweeze those chin hairs because I may not be able to see them for several months, if ever, after the dust settles. God Bless and keep everyone.

Hi all! This is my first post, but I’m a long-time lurker on this website. (First, I wanted to say thank you for all the incredible wisdom and advice you offer on this forum!). I have a question about we can do during this quarantine, for those of us who are in the middle of our hair removal journeys.

For context (so that my question will make sense), I’ve done a round of laser hair removal sessions (3x on my chest and stomach, 8x on my shoulders, upper arms, neck, and back), after which I started a round of electrolysis sessions (3x clearances on my shoulders and upper arms, almost finished a clearance on my stomach, and was about to start a clearance on my chest when the quarantine hit). So far, my results with doing laser followed by electrolysis have been FANTASTIC (I have very white skin and very dark, thick hair, making me an ideal laser candidate, and I have a truly fantastic electrologist).

My question is this: would be at all worth it for me (or anybody else) to use an at-home laser device, just in the meantime? I know they’re not as powerful as in-office devices, but I recently bought the Tria 4x Laser (the most powerful at-home device) for spot treatment/maintenance purposes, and I’m wondering whether it’d be worth my time to use it on my chest and stomach while I wait out the quarantine? Then, once the quarantine is lifted, I’d just pick up where I left off with electrolysis. Would that meaningfully contribute to my overall hair removal journey in any way, or just be a waste of time?

I really appreciate your advice!! And I hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, and sane!

I dont recommend it. I do recommend self-electrolysis if that’s all you have access to, but if you go down this route, know it isnt easy and will require professional grade equipment.

Hey not sure if this has been posted/answered before

But I’m curious why it’s recommended to not tweeze?
And would this apply to people receiving laser as well and why?

Thanks !!

Several reasons.

First, plucked hair has a tendancy to be stimulated to grow larger, and often mal-shapen or ingrown ,
Also if a hair is plucked, it is unavailable for treatment during this growth cycle and some hair follicle may only generate a hair once a year or so. So plucking extends the period of time over which you must do electrolysis.

Is this for any hair in general will be stimulated to grow larger after plucking or just hairs that are being treated?