How to fade the purple-y scars left by bad electrolysis?

Hi there, Some months ago I did a treatment with someone and she fried my upper lip - and now sadly months later there are areas of purple-ish/red discoloration on the upper lip. What helps make that go away? Any suggestions? Sad to have done this to look better, only to make it look worse!

Also, I started seeing someone new and the first treatment she did was good - the second time she over treated and I think it exacerbated the discoloration on my lip. Currently I was going once a month for 30 minutes. Would it be better to go every 2 weeks for 15, to avoid further scarring? Thank you.

If all you have is discoloration and not dents and dings in your skin, it is hyperpigmentation, NOT scarring. Can you post a photo?

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Thank you for your response. So yes, it would be hyperpigmentation. Like purple/red splotches where it was most affected. I tried to do a photo, but it doesn’t show up very well. I can try again tomorrow, but the poor quality of my camera make it hard to see. It’s noticeable if I point to it on my face in person, but most wouldn’t zero in on it on their own. Any thoughts on how to best deal with this kind of hyperpigmentation? Thank you.

You can´t do so much.

  1. Deal with it and give it time to heal. Depends so much…Normal after a treatment it need 2-3 Weeks to Heal .If its more than that, can need Months/1 Year. Or with bad luck Permanent… but that i can´t tell , Most proparly also no one here . If its some worse , you should let check it , by a Dermatologist /Skin Doctor.

  2. If its healed , you could use Make Up , if it bother you so much