How to deal with folliculitis after waxing

Hello everyone,

I’m a 35 year old man, not always been as hairy as I am now but it’s a long story.
A few years ago I tried waxing at a salon not too far from me, wasn’t that painful to be far but admit the closer to the neck it became a little sharper.
My back used to be lovely and clear, but it’s quite hairy now as are my upper arms.
After I was waxed I developed prominent red lumps on the area, they faded slightly as the days passed to be replaced with severe folliculitis.
I eventually went to the doctors whom prescribed me with a topical cream that helped.
To cut a long story short I was so depressed that waxing was not good for my skin and was at my wits end to remove this hair and decided not to try again.
Six weeks ago I found a lovely lady on the internet that as it turned out did waxing form her house in a village I’ve done a lot of work in so knew where she lived.
I called and explained my past experience and apprehension at trying waxing again but she convinced me to have another go.
On the day of the appointment, I’d not taken a shower for about 24 hours prior and wore a loose fitting shirt.
The treatment was fine, hardly hurt much, she gave me an after care sheet and followed the instructions, but again I had the red lumps followed by folliculitis.
This time I didn’t go to see my GP, I let it heal on its own, took about 3-4 weeks to clear but by that time the hair started to grow through the skin again.
This Saturday morning just gone I went to see her again and explained what had happened, she was confident that after a few treatments the skin would be more accustomed to waxing so had another treatment.
One thing I did after the first treatment with this nice lady was to take my top off as soon as I got home and allowed the cool air around the area for a few hours.
I thought that that might of helped, I also did the same thing this Saturday just gone.
I also didn’t shower for 48 hours after both this and the previous treatment.
What I would like to know is, is there something that I could do do minimise or prevent the red lumps and folliculitis from occurring or is there any advice to help with this after my next treatment?
I think I have explained everything and would very much appreciate any help that anyone has or anyone that has experienced this and how they dealt with it.
Thank you for reading.


When you wax … pull out a hair … you are pulling out part of the skin (the follicle), some residual junk is always left in and so infections take place. Hairs that regrow can easily grow under the skin … lovely. I don’t know where the “no shower” came from … no sense at all.

It’s almost like saying, “Well, I cut off my finger and I wonder what I can do with this blood all over the place?”

As per your question “How to deal with folliculitis after waxing” … the answer is simple: DON’T WAX! EVER! (Women’s legs seems to work okay … men’s back … BAD NEWS!)

I understand that the act of pulling the hair from the root is unpleasant.
You say don’t wax ever, how am I do remove the hair other than trying to shave the area?

clipping close to the skin … looks fine and no infections. Get an electric clipper and have your GF do it for you.

I brought a body trimmer a few weeks ago, randomly clipped the hair off of one leg to see how it would be.
Was fine until it started to grow back, felt like a baby cacti but that’s the nature of hair, the stuff just keeps growing.
Appreciate the advice unfortunately I lost my GF two years ago and would find it quite hard to clip the hair there hence the waxing, though not permanent, it at least takes a couple of weeks for the hair to start growing through the skin again.

Just as with electrolysis, there is better protocol for pretreatment, actual treatment and aftercare for waxing.

In any event, get yourself a synthetic brush with a long handle and apply an exfoliating cleanser and start gently brushing your back when showering. Then, afterwards, soothe the skin with aloe vera gel, again, use the long handled brush to apply.