How to choose an electrologist

I have put together a list of tips to help you find an electrologist in your area who will do a good job:

Choosing an electrologist

I want to find an electrolysis to clear some problem areas.
What is the difference between the 3 types of electrolysis?

The three types of electrolysis are Galvanic, Thermolysis (or Diathermy in the UK), and Blend.

Galvanic was the first method. It uses a straight direct current to trigger a chemical reaction in the follicle. That creates a chemical called lye, which is caustic and destroys the blood supply to the follice. Without a blood supply, the hair cannot grow.

Thermolysis uses high (RF) frequency to create a localised ‘burn’ at the base of the follicle. The idea is to quarterise the blood supply to the hair.

Blend combines the two types of energy. The Galvanic part creates the lye, while a small amount of Thermolysis heats the lye. The idea is that heated lye is more caustic than unheated lye.

I doubt you’ll find an electrolysist who does straight Galvanic.

Thermolysis is probably the most common method - you can treat more hairs per hour.

Blend is slightly slower, with less hairs treated per hour. However, it’s reported to be more effective at killing the follicle, so each hair will need less zaps to clear it.

Thanks Andrea. I do have one question about the “how to choose an electrologist” page. In it you say to ask what type of equipment they use and how long they’ve had it. But, I don’t know enough about electrolosis to know what answer I’m looking for? If they’ve had the equipment for years, is that good (experience) or bad (old equip.)? What machines are good ones?

Thanks so much!!! This site is always so helpful!

Newer equipment is generally better. Newer machines have digital readouts instead of gauges with arrows, and many newer machines offer different modalities. I feel blend is generally safer and more effective, but a highly experienced electrologist can get as good a result with thermolysis.

Practitioner skill is most important, but once you find out the name of the machine, you can check most manuacturers on hairfacts.

The main reason I recommend you ask what kind of equipment is to ensure they are a legit business and not using a scam device that is supposed to sound like a legit one. Electrolysis requires that a hair-thin metal filament be inserted into the follicle.

Hope that helps, and good luck!

Thanks so much, Andrea! I’m having good results with laser for my upper legs, but I want to do electrolosis for smaller areas, like my stomach and a few random, stray hairs that have popper up. I’ve just started the search in the Sacramento area.