How to book an appointment with Josefa Reina

Hi all, I live in the Netherlands but unfortunately cannot find reviews on any electrologist here. Since I want to get electrolysis done on my entire face, I do not want to take a chance and have decided to fly for my treatments. Can anyone please tell me how to book an appointment with Josefa in Spain? I cannot find an address or contact details for her clinic.

Any other recommendations for an electrologist in Germany or Netherlands would also be appreciated. I am Indian, but I have light skin, relative to people from there, and dark hair. Someone with experience with such skin would be ideal!!

Dear Josefa, if you read this, can you please tell me how to book an appointment with you, even if it’s for next year!

Thank you so much!

You cannot. Josepha is not accepting clients from the internet or any internet boards ( including hairtell) at this time. You’ll have to find someone else.IT’s unfortunate,but unfortunately someone before you ruined a good thing for everyone, and I do understand her decision.

Dr. Beate Reitzert in Germany.

I’m lucky enough to be a current client of Josefa who is amazing… but I have have had excellent work done on the face by Mairi Hawkes based in Scotland too and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her! I too have to fly to get good treatment… if you are able to it really is worth it… good luck!!!

Dear Em, you could not be in better hands with both ladies suggested here. You’ll be safe with any of them, and the results are 100% guaranteed. Your options are more than you think, choose one that best suits your personal circumstances.

Still, if necessary, I will continue here as long as the time and my strength will allow.

Like you my hummingbirds have arrived back again for another year reminding me of you, dear Josefa. :grin:

Thank you very much for your help everyone! I will book an appointment with Dr. Beate as its easier for me to fly there! I hope she is available soon :slight_smile: Thanks everyone again, and Josefa :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Thank you Josefa. Do you have any recommendations other than Dr. Ritzert in Germany? I know how busy all of you are and it would be great to have a couple of more recommendations, if possible at all. Thank you very much for your reply, I appreciate it.

Have the same problem.

I am always searching for good electrologist, but the market is full of black sheeps.

Normally I am doing marathon sessions up to 7 hours a day, but very rare to find a trustworthy partner.

Also tried to contact Beate Ritzert but she said she’s fully booked and doesn’t reply sometimes.

I will try someone else in 2 weeks, maybe can give you another recommendation then.

Good luck.

But i still give my best to reply …
sometimes it is just not possible because of too much work and other demands of life.

(note: not only epilating and shifting around the client’s appointments, but an awful lot of tax stuff. I hope the latter will become easier in the future). And in late April i was in holiday and came back with a flu which took me two weeks.

Unfortunately potential clients do not trust my employee although she is really doing her best to do a good job. Mhmm…

It appears to me that Josefa has been busy to her limit for a few years.

I really like the scheduling service we use beate. Saves us all the hassle the clients click on a link from our website and it takes care of the rest.Sure saves a whole lot of shuffling about and allows you to put your brain back focussed on the hair removal.