How to become a certified laser tech?

I’d like to become a certified laser tech for performing laser hair removal only.
Interested in Candela ( GentleMAX )specifically.
Contacted Candela with my questions, but didn’t hear any respond from them yet.

Any advises?

PS: I live in Louisiana.

Thanks in advance :))

if u buy their machine, they will provide the training. Ensure that there r still room to make profit for u cause there r excess supplies in my country not many can even breakeven the machine cost any more. U can also buy second hand which they’ll provide training. Don’t buy it if u r not comfortable and hv confident to use it.

The problem you are going to have is that different locales will have different legal requirements. My requirements here in canada will be different from yours as will Nora’s in Austrailia. You need information in your individual state. Here in caanda for example there are “medical esthician” courses one can take that include both electrolysis and laser certifications.

Some regions restrict persons that can fire a laser to physicians and RNs under direct supervision of a physician. Check with your state medical board.