How to become 110% smooth - like a pornstar? Please help... :)

I’ve been reading this wonderful forum for quite some time now - enjoying it more and more every day. It is always the webpage I view the first when I surf around the web. To contribute and become a part of this wonderful website I’ve registered and hope you all can hopefully give me some answers to my upcoming questions…

The last weekend I went to an erotic event in another country. There were a lot of beautiful girls there stripping their clothes off - to become fully undressed. All of them were clean shaven/waxed. A wonderful sight. All buttocks and to the front - hairless - which is the trend today - especially for women.

My question is simple; how are they so perfect in the skin? What do they do - what is their secret? I mean; it is their job to view what is under their clothes… and therefore they have to be “perfect”… but hopefully what they are doing is possible to achieve for a normal guy like me?

I have been going to a brazilian waxing three times. Two times to the same women, and last to another one - which doesn’t want to do brazilians again. She sucked totally and leaved a lot of wax in between my buttocks. The esthetician I went to the first time used soft wax and muslim strips. I got totally bare, but where the roots of the hair was I got pretty red. Like small red marks where the hair had been.

When I watch porn movies and see nude women on stage that isn’t the fact. They are all clean without hair… and without red marks.

How is it possible to achieve this result? Hopefully all can contribute to this post so I will become totally bare without marks the next time I go for a waxing session…

Thanks in advance, Abrakadabri :slight_smile:

How close did you get so to see how smooth they were? I find that after I started waxing a few times that the bumps and the redness were less frequent. I was told last week about a cream that you buy to reduce the bumps from waxing. Sorry I don’t have a name to give. I have to go the store and find it myself.