How to ask for Laser Hair Removal on my.....bum

I have been having laser hair removal for nearly 2 years and I am very happy with the results and my therapist. I have had my full leg, full arm, lip and lower back done.

However, as you can probably tell, I am very hairy and I have hair on my butt. All over it, I am so embarrassed by it but I am also embarrassed to ask to get it removed?

How would I even go about asking? Even thinking about it makes me go red.

Please help, thank you!

You can do what I did and be as nonchalant as possible, and simply say “I’m embarrassed to ask this, but is it possible to get my ass lasered?” I did that, and then we lasered it.

In the hair removal business, both electrologists and laser specialists, see a lot of butt-butt’s. It’s just another area of hair where we provide hair removal. I just did the pilonidal area, butt crack and perineal area of a woman last week. It is my least favorite area to do as it zaps my stretching strength, even with the client helping. It does takes more endurance, for sure, on both parts.

So, hurray, for laser. if it works really well for you, don’t hesitate because it is over quick like a bunny and it’s not too physically demanding on your specialist like electrolysis is. Many people seek hair removal in this area, so it will not be a memorable event for the laser specialist and that should erase any embarrassment.

We are used to clients requesting these types of areas to be treated. If your laser provider has been around even for a short period of time he or she will have treated most if not all of these areas. It is not an unusual request, and I’m sure they will be very understanding of your shyness about it. If you are uncomfortable about broaching the fact that you have hair on the area ask if they treat the buttocks and that will start the conversation.

Are you male or female? It sounds like you’re female, so I’m concerned that the hair on your bum may not be coarse enough for laser. Is it coarse and dense? If not, please consider electrolysis instead. Laser only works on coarse dense growth.

In terms of asking to treat this area, hair removal specialists see these areas and deal with it every day multiple times a day. Treat it as a visit to any doctor. They’ve seen everything and really should make you feel completely comfortable.

I am doing that exact area now by electrology; I am male and it is taking some time to complete, but my hair is definitely reduced. Yup, it is both embarrassing and awkward to work between my legs and cheeks, but I am very motivated, so will endure the time and cost to get it done.

For me, my bum was more difficult to begin than getting my pubic hair removed in the front. A braz “seems” more culturally acceptable (in this day) so I started there. I then have simply asked for her to keep clearing further back… and so she has. I know this differs from the straight-forward (and clear) approach recommended above. However, since you have an existing trust in place already, then you may feel comfortable with this subtler style. Just request hair removal further “up” the leg or “down” your back; your electrologist will understand and perhaps ask to confirm that you want full clearance on your backside to which you can express your wish – “oh, well sure. that would be just fine” you say :wink:

Hope you make the jump to get what you want… and then post to all of us just how great it was (and how you finally DID ask).

When you plop down $800+ dollars words mean nothing.

Give them $1000 dollars and heck i’m pretty sure they’d have no problem making you bald, no questions asked :).

This is something I would struggle with too, especially as I have been having the same nurse every session.

I think id rather ask a stranger lol