how soon to shave before lightsheer treatment

how soon do you have to shave before going in for lightsheer laser?

does it have to be the day before or can it be several days before?

Hi: What I was told was to only NOT shave the day of treatment. This allows them to see where you need treatment. Where I go, they shave for me. And they need to do that because the hair (stubble) could melt and fuse to your skin when the laser is used and that would hurt. So, in short you can shave up to the day BEFORE treatment but not the day of. :smile:

I think with the Lightsheer ,you need to be shaven with a razor prior to treatments for best results(not 100% positive but thats what i was told and i’ve read that here somewhere also).

The clinic did all the shaving for me.

You must be cleaned shaven as close as possible before the treatment can start in order to prevent the skin from burning. That means shaving with a blade against the grain. Some clinics (but not all) will do it for you.

You’re supposed to shave the area to be treated clean the day before the treatment. This makes the contact cooling tip more effective. Also, too much hair above the skin may hinder the effectiveness of the treatment too.