How similar to waxing?

Hi, I am looking for a way to remove the hair on my back. I have tried waxing, but both times I broke out in a skin irration that lasted for more than a month… my hair had grown back by the time it was gone.
I was wondering if I should give this a try. Do you think it is worth it?

What is it you are wanting to try besides waxing???


Since this is a threading thread, I guess you are asking about threading. The only thing that threading and waxing have in common is that they rip the hairs out from the follicles. Threading is done with threads that are rolled across the skin and as hairs are trapped between the threads, they are pulled out. You might still get irritated. A lot depends on the skill of the technician. And with waxing, a lot depends on not only the skill but also pretreatment, actual treatment and material choices, and aftercare.

Would you have an estimation on the time and cost that needs to spent for a complete man’s back? Thanks.

I don’t know what you would be charged but most threaders will not work on a man’s back as the hairs are coarse-terminal and these hairs will not release easily, too many hairs will break where the hairs meet the skin.

Waxing is great for men’s backs and for permanent hair removal, I believe the best option is electrolysis.

Just wanted to post in agreement with what Arlene just said.

I regularly see an experienced threader in my area. There are several in the salon. There are areas they consider “customary” for threading–generally small facial areas–brows, chin, upper lip, even the hair line (where sideburns grow), possibly part of the neck.

I’ve seen a couple of people ask for threading of larger areas, and they were told that the area must be waxed. I once overheard someone asking if the bikini area could be threaded (Yowch!) lol. They were told they had to be waxed as well.

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waxing shouldn’t cause irritation. it really depends on who is doing it and what the proper pre and after care was as Arlene has said. I would suggest you find a recommended salon and try it again, following aftercard instructions. threading is not a real option for a large area like that.

Threading is used only for small areas on the face. It is very time consuming for the technician to thread large areas.