How should it feel??

I had a consultation yesterday (which I wrote about) and did a 40 minute session. That cost me $53.50. It’s about $72 for an hour I think. It’s kind of pricey but I really loved the lady a lot. At that appointment I felt some hairs being “plucked” (sort of like tweezing but not really, hard to explain), but I could count the number of times I felt that and I KNOW She cleared A LOT more hair than what I felt. Almost my whole chin is hair free and I had no idea she did that much. She said I was feeling them pulling because they were in the resting stage and she offered that without me saying anything. I want to get another consultation to kind of compare but that could be a while. I’m just wondering really what’s normal to feel?

What you felt is normal.

Make sure you give us the contact info for all the good electrologists your consultations uncover.

Thanks people like you, it works for all of us.

Once again, thanks James! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Once I get thru all my consultations I’ll list all the info I have for others!

Thanks for easing my mind.

What are you doing? your face?

The price is important. When you figure 1 hour a week, for 2-3 years. That extra $10/hour you pay, quickly adds up.

But if she’s good and you can afford it – go for it!

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You are making a common error in misunderstanding that price per hour does not actually reflect the value of treatment in electrolysis. Simply put, a difference of $10 more per hour, could in some situations actually be the better bargan by far!

Most people just don’t know what goes into figuring out what the cost per hair works out to be, and furthermore, even if it costs more, a better result (smooth hair free, care free skin) is worth paying more if you have to. Most times you don’t have to, but it would be worth it if you did.

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Hi there! I’m starting on my face but have many other areas I want to do also. She is probably the most expensive one I’ll be seeing, but I do believe she’s very good. As I stated, I have nothing to compare to at the moment that’s why I’m intent on having another consultation with someone else. I’m going to a different lady next week. She charges $40 an hour (versus this lady at $72) but she’s also in a smaller area, and she is a salon owner which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so she isn’t soley an electrolysis, but she may be very good also. I’ll have to see how she is and weigh the options. Maybe that $72 will be cheaper in the long run because she seems very fast and efficient (in 40 minutes she almost cleared my chin, I can literally count the number of hairs left), but, if this woman is as fast then I’d be saving a heap. I’m just gonna have to wait and see! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />