How should hair react to each treatment?


I’m posting because I recently had my first treatment on my upper lip in about 5 years. My question specifically is should all the hairs fall out between each treatment? I was under the impression that they should, and if they don’t you were improperly treated. Two weeks after my treatment about a third of the hair had still not fallen out, when I wrote the technician, she simply said well it can take up to 4 weeks so just wait. However, after waiting no more hairs fell out, but the others only started growing back. When I told the technician this she simply said “it’s normal for hairs to grow back, it’s a sign it’s time for your next appointment”. I’m annoyed by her response. Should I be? I was under the impression that all hairs should fall out regardless of whether they are in the growth stage. Am I wrong? Should I just schedule my next appointment? I have a 6 treatment package and want to make sure I’m treated optimally at each of them. Thanks for any responses!

Laser needs the hair to be in the anagen stage. The more important factor here is the hair structure and color. How thick are your upper lip hairs? How dark are they? What color of skin do you have?

We don’t worry about the structure of the hair, the color of the hair or the color of the skin as electrologists because we know we can affect every hair follicle that we come in contact with. This is why I am not a proponet of laser on the face, among many other reasons. Some electrologists believe the stage of growth does not matter and others will tell you that anagen hairs are needed for efficacy.

So what is your situation with structure? Are the hairs thick? Are they really dark? Is your skin pale?

Are you male or female? Either way hairs on the upper lip are very hard to kill with laser.

The follicles in that area are much deeper than those on the body. On the face you should not expect all hairs to fall out after each treatment.

If the hairs are deeper than it makes sense to use an 1064 laser. Has anyone used the lightsheer duet?