How painful is it....

I am thinking about getting a home electrolysis kit but I’ve been reading these messages and am rather curious as to how painful this method actually is, both during and after the hair removal prcoess. can someone help me?

pretty painfull, i recommend drinking alot before you first try.

some parts are more sensitive than others. i find that upper legs hurt real bad, lower arms around the wrist hurt the least.

if ya didn’t want to drink first then try the lower arms - not the hand though - it’s not painfull at all there

in fact- here’s what i suggest… drink some alchohol 1st. 2nd, use your left arm or weak arm, 3rd do a hair on you lower/mid arm (not near the elbow though)

i say these things cause its important not to force the needle in – in anyway
alcohol will relax you ====less force
using week arm=============less force

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Everyone experiences pain differently. Pro electrolysis was generally bearable for me, but DIY devices hurt like crazy. Others have the opposite experience.

If you are concenred about pain, you can get a topical like ELA-Max or EMLA. I do not recommend alcohol before treatment, as it can make it harder to perform the insertions and treatment correctly. It may also cause increased bruising iin some consumers by thinning the blood.

It is NOT pretty painful, most of the time there is just a slight discomfort. If the insertion hurts, you are doing it wrong. When applying the treatment you have full control and can balance the time it takes to the pain you can tolerate by adjusting the current.

I strongly reccomend that you make the modification described elsewhere on this site to use a sponge under your foot instead of the metal band on the probe to complete the circuit. It is not good at all to poke around with a live probe trying to do an insertion. The skin gets irritated and unneccesarily hurt by the current applied on the surface and not at the root.

I agree with Marta, I don’t find home electrolysis painful at all…I have to say I kept mine on the lowest setting and did longer timing but that’s just because I was afraid to crank it up.
Eventually I bought a professional model that I found a good bargain on and am loving it. I don’t find it very painful at all either and I’m working on the genital area and underarms and breasts which you would think would be quite painful…but it’s not.