How painful is Apogee VS. IPL ?

Dear all,

Anyone experience with both Apogee 5500 and IPL ?
I’d like to know how painful Apogee is. I used to do IPL on beard (my hair is black). I feel pain in some area that has dense hair. However, right now I have thin hairs and would like to turn to Apogee because IPL seems not work on thin hair. Thin hair always regrowth even though I do IPL every 4-5 weeks. My doctor said that Apogee is more pain than IPL.

  • How about the redness for Apogee ? Is it obvious ?
  • Anyone experience skin burn with Apogee ? Is it possible for Apogee to burn our facial skin ?
  • Do we feel warm skin in some parts such as dense area ? I sometimes feel warm skin when do IPL but it is temporary and disappear when use Coolpak or rest for 10-15 minutes.
  • Is Apogee 5500 the new model ? Good machine ?