How often to get electrolysis on areolas?

My electrologist said that it’d be better to schedule weekly, but since it looks like it’ll take an 1hr, I’ll be paying $70 for about a 1.5 years (she said it’ll take that long to get rid of the hair). Say it takes 1 year, that’s nearly $2,800+.

We had a trial run on one side and it’s clear w/ no issues. I’m thinking that I’d prefer doing it once a month or something since every week seems to be a bit much (especially since it’s been a week and there’s nothing growing on that side).

Personally, laser hair removal was so much easier to deal with. While I know most of you guys don’t advocate laser especially around sensitive areas, I’m seriously considering it since it’ll cost me about 600 dollars for 6 treatments. My hair is really coarse and after 3 treatments, I’m so clear that I think I might push my upcoming appointment until early December.

The darkness of the areolas isn’t too much of an issue since my bikini area is the same shade and I’ve gotten great results. My only issue is how precise the laser will be and if I’ll get laser induced growth, hence me entertaining electrolysis.

So what say you? Can I get with once a month electrolysis? I know in the end the price will decrease since it’ll take less time, but still.

I have never needed to do more than 15 minutes once every 6 weeks on areolas, once the first clearance was established. Unless you are looking to remove vellus hairs no one else would bother with, I don’t understand what is going on here. This is one of the downright cheapest areas to permanently clear in electrolysis. It is even easier, and less expensive than underarms. I would even go so far as to say that the most aggressive treatment plan I would entertain would be re-clearances every 3 weeks. Even with that, unless the person were using straight galvanic, I can’t see one needing a full hour to get the job done. Either blend or thermolysis should be able to get full clearances after the second full clearance in plus or minus 15 minutes.

I agree with James. I have very fine hair all over but there were only 20 or so coarse hairs on either side that I actually needed removing permanently. Even if you had 60 on either side… that’s like maximum 20mins of electrolysis for clearance (at 6/min). After first clearance, I was just having a few hairs treated every two weeks. Now it’s like one or two every three weeks and hopefully in a few months more there won’t be anything more. I started in May and I guess I’ve spent less than an hour total on them to date. An hour of electrolysis for me is £54.


doing this was honestly the biggest regret of my entire life. EVER. i ended up with 10x the amount of hair and now have to have my entire chest treated with electrolysis. It has led to scarring and severe emotional trauma. save yourself, laser technicians are incompetent if they suggest treating your breasts.

Specifically, were you treating the areola’s? What is the name of the laser that was used? How many treatments? How bad is the stimulation? What do you describe as scarring? What are you doing for the it? Lastly, DID YOU COMPLAIN and show the laser tech, et al, what happened to you? Take some pictures in case you need them in the future.