How often do you shave?

How often do you shave? Does quick hair growth means you’re healthy?

Im not sure about the health related aspect. I technically would have to shave daily (face and anything else). I dont because I have coarse hair and it is hard on my skin.

In my 20’s I was VERY healthy. Now in my 30’s im in the office too much, a little overweight, and not nearly as healthy as I should be… It hasnt impacted hair growth at all.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I think it is just a myth when men are stressed, beards/mustache grow faster.

I normally shave my beard about once every 2 weeks

Beard, every day except I might take a day or two off on the weekend.

I almost never shave my face itself, if at all maybe every few months or so. Some hairs are slow growing and difficult to see even under magnification, and so I dont get to remove them until they have grown out quite a bit and made themselves available.

My neck is a different story, as my partner is the only one able to work there and he is often not up to it. I try and keep enough grown out for him to treat when the mood arises, and so only shave it when it gets really bad every few weeks.


My husband works 12 hour shifts 4 nights on 4 nights off he shaves the first day back and first day off I do like a little stubble on a man but it can hurt if brushed up against you so he would only ever leave it a day at most.


I try to shave every day. Sometimes I miss a day sometimes but this is not ideal. I have seen some posts asking if hair growth is an indication of health.

This is not the case. Every individual is different. Some men have almost no facial hair and rarely need to shave. Others need to shave daily or at least every 2 days.

My hair grows fast so I try to shave my face daily and I do my legs about every second day. This is just my personal routine that I have gotten used to over time, but again everyone is unique and their routine will be different.


Necropost. Anyway… Prior to electrolysis I had to shave everything every day. I would sometimes skip a day but only because I got lazy, not because my hair growth changed.

This was more or less the case since college. I never noticed any significant changes in growth rate due to stress or health changes. If there ever has been any change, it has been too small to notice.

I shave my beard every morning, and by my beard I mean that I shave my entire neck because there is some kind of amount of growth all the way around. The growth is quite heavy, and although my hair is brown, not black, there is always a slight shadow. By noon I can feel the heavy stubble again, and you can see it also. By the time I’m done at work, I choose to shave again if I’m going out with people.

So to sum up, my growth is dense, the hairs are thick, and the regrowth is quick.

I shave at least once a week… this is the reason why I am here, searching for answers on how to get rid of it once and forever!