how much u think it'd cost to....

I have been to one consultation to find about hair removal for pretty much an entire upper body. Called the t-shirt it includes abdomen, chest, shoulder, back and lower back. I got a price of around $5000 for 6 treatments plus a guarantee that if any hairs grow back they will remove them for free. I don’t have too much time to go around getting more consultations since I work all week 8-5 sometimes later. I live in NY and the place I went to is in White Plains. I would imagine it would be more money if I went to the city but really don’t know.

Does anyone know how much that whole area should cost and if what I posted is a good deal or not?


You did get a pretty good price. MAke sure that they are using an FDA approved laser, since a lot of places with cheap prices use inferior equipment. You can also check out Brooklyn for hair removal. LAserX offers a free consultation 718-646-2989