How much is this unit worth brand new?

I was wondering if it’s feasible to buy pro electrolysis equipment brand new and was wondering roughly how much this machine would go for brand new:


lists a CompuBlend at $2295.

Why buy new if you are a home user? Buy this one off Ebay and PayPal the extra cash to me at for consulting fees if you just want to spend a lot of money.

Depending on the accessories and extras this machine could cost you between $2,300 - $3,300 before taxes, shipping and handling charges if purchased brand new.

Electrolysis machines are very sturdy (that is why 50 year old models are still in use!) and even if you did get one that was broken, or it was damaged in shipping, they are not too expensive to fix even in the worst case situation. Most Electrolysis machines can be repaired for $100 plus tax, shipping and handling charges. I really can’t think of the repair that would cost more than $500.00 So if you bought this machine off Ebay (and it is one of the best of the older computerized machines) you would have a system that even if you had to have the biggest possible repair to bring it up to like new condition, you would still not pay as much as buying one new. And unlike a leather sofa, there is no difference between buying a used electrolysis machine in good working order, and buying a new one. If one had any doubts, one would just send it in for a calibration check and cleaning for about $60 and have a certified working machine checked over by an electrolysis machine tech.

Which one off of ebay are you referring to? Thanks!

The same one you were talking about, which is now available under this listing:

Fischer Compu-Blend

See, for what you are looking to pay for a new Fischer, you could have a slightly used Sillouhet-Tone VMC, the second best electrolysis machine currently available on the planet!

Sil-Tone VMC on Ebay

Thanks so much for the advice!