How much is enough?


I am currently undergoing genital electrolysis prior to SRS. My question is how much is enough? Does it make any sense to spend time and money going after the fine vellous hairs that will never be seen except by my gynecologist or should the scrotal skin be as cleared as possible? Certainly, I want to clear all the long hair but should I be concerned about the little guys? I am interested in pros and cons on this idea.

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You should clear the area designated by your surgeon. Each one is different. Clearing hairs saves them from doing it when preparing grafts, and it’s much easier to do before SRS that after. Some women have had even fine hairs in and around the vagina that cause great discomfort during intercourse, and also lessened the cosmetic result. Better to get as much of them removed beforehand, to allow the surgeon to concentrate on other things and to save yourself from a more painful and difficult removal later. Ounce of prevention! :smile: