how many treatments until noticable results

i’m guy and I have gone for two laser hair removal treatments. i have more hair than the average guy so i expect it will take longer. dark brown hair semi-olive italian skin tone. been for 2 treatments, no significant reducation. how many treatments until it should all be gone and not grow back? they spread them 8 weeks apart. is that normal?

What area are you having treated?

arms+hands. if it works i will do more areas

Because laser hair removal is highly unpredictable, there is no way to predict your individual response. For coarse body hair, treatments should be spaced in the 6-8 week range (depending on the individual). When hair removal lasers were first introduced, manufacturers pushed the technology on the premise of 3-6 treatments. We now know those numbers are higher. Sometimes LHR is only capable of working up to the certain point at which time you might need electrolysis to finish the job.

You’re not providing enough information here. We need to know whether your hair is coarse, your skin type, type of laser being used and settings (joules, spot size, and pulse width). You could be having completely ineffective treatments. With good treatments, all treated hair should have shed 3 weeks post treatment. That’s how you know at least something is happening. If that didn’t happen, we need to figure out why. Answers to the questions above will help us help you.