How many treatments does it usually take?

I want to start electrolysis on the sides of my face and upper lip— I’m pale with sensitive skin and fine, light hairs. How mnay 1-hour treatments does it USUALLY take for the hairs to stop growing???
What about bikini line?

hi evee, the time it takes for electrolysis depends on a lot of variables. for starters the growth hair cycle is 3 months and for a perfect situation the least it would take would be 9 months to get most if not all the hairs. i am talking about permanance here. Remember the hairs you see now are NOT all the hairs that exist in that area.

in terms of treatment… if you got alot of hair, it takes longer to clear, if you got stubborn hair it takes longer to treat. If you plucked or waxed in the past, it will take longer to clear the area than someone who has never done anything to their facial hair.

the thicker and denser the hairs… the longer it takes to permancy. Also the area being treated. some people say that the lip takes longer than the sides of the face. All this depends on hormones and genetics. me, for example, the sides of my face do incredibly well compared to my chin.

You first need to find a real good electrolysis who knows what they are doing and who has experience. You also need to be dedicated to your treatment plan and have money saved up for continuous treatments of up to 9 months at least.

You will start out with some time to clear out the area and then from then it will be maintanance (in less time) until the hair is permantly gone. it will be great!

read the posts in this forum. Alot of people have posted their experience from day 1. Sav is one of these people and myself as well <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />.

good luck and do let us know what happens!