How many times to Zap?

I go to an electrologist who zaps 3 times with thermolysis and there is no damage to the skin and my scabs are not worse than when it’s zapped just once or twice. So my question…is it bad for them to zap three times? And the second part of that question is, is it more effective to zap three times even if the hair would have come out after one zap?

Although good treatment can be done in this fashion, if the client can stand having the treatment setting that will effect permanent hair removal with just one zap, why would one want to spend the extra time slow treating with lower currents, or overtreating follicles with a higher current?

I am not saying that your electrologist is bad, but I would wonder what type of machine she was using. She would no doubt find working with higer settings easier if she was using one of the newer machines that allow very high settings for miniscule units of time. It is very hard to convince people to explore the new technology in epilator machines in this business.