How many times must a hair be treated with electrolysis to die?

How many times must a hair be treated with electrolysis to die? I meen one individual hair. I understand that one must treat a area several times to get it all cleared becuase of growth cycles etc.
And does electrolysis realy kill of the hair or does it just make it very thinn?


there are various electrolysis methods. you can read more information under the electrolysis section of this board. blend method takes longer per each hair, but supposed to have 80-90 percent first time kill for each hair. thermolysis is much faster, but the rate is about 50% to kill each hair the first time around. of course, these are approximate numbers and only apply in the case that the electrolysis is really good at what they do. in addition, this will vary depending on how many of the hair you’re treating is in the anagen phase when you start. if the hair is not killed, the follicle becomes weaker and each time the hair comes back thinner if it’s not killed. but eventually, after 2-4 zaps, the hair should die.

Thankyou very much for the answer. I have read somewhere that with electrolysis thicker hair is harder to kill than thinner hair. Then it should be good to first thinn the hairs with laser and then kill them with electrolysis?

absolutely right. that’s usually the best way to go since laser is best on dark coarse hair.

Hehe, cool. I think I will do that on my shoulders.
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