How many men shave their arms?

I’m just curious, since I only started to shave my arms recently, how many other men shave theirs? A couple of women suggested I try it, and it really makes them look nice, if they are somewhat muscular to begin with. If you like the look of veins, you will see them so much better shaved. Plus, they feel nice. However, its pretty obvious, so you have to be prepared for comments, since even women have arm hair and rarely shave it. But, my hair is dark and my skin very light, so in winter it looks terrible. In summer it is better after it bleaches, but not as good as shaved.

I do mine too. It doesn’t make much sense to have a hairless legs, chest, and upper arms and hairy forearms. I have had 4 Aurora treatments on my full arms and am happy with the results. Now shaving is easier and yields better results. Hopefully someday I will have permanent hair removal. But for now shaving works fine.