How many joule to use on skin?

Im going to a salon which uses the diode ice triple wave laser but i think she uses low joule on me.
does anyone have a list which joule to use on what skin? so i can see if its right…
ps i couldnt find a topic whos similar to mine

thank you

I think what @ozziebozzie is trying to ask is what Joule level (not sure I am saying that correctly) should their laser technician be using as they feel they might be getting undertreated.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about laser.

@ozziebozzie I tried looking for a manual but couldn’t find one. There are probably a few factors that come into play as to what settings they are using on you such as location of the body, hair color, skin color, hair thickness etc.

Hopefully someone can assist you here, as I cannot.
Good luck to you!

Sorry I replied in the wrong thread so deleted the comment.