How long to wait after waxing?

A newbie question. I’d like to have my back lasered, but it was waxed about three weeks ago. How long do I have to wait after waxing??


We tell our clients to wait at least 2 months (3 would better) after waxing before starting laser hair removal. It takes 90 days for the hair to replace itself after it has been pulled out of the follicle. To have a laser treatment before this time would be a waist of money because you wouldn’t have enough hairs in the right stage to be effective.

Hope this helps

Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks Patty.


Alspk, does waxing decrease the effectiveness or require more overall treatments of laser hair removal even after waiting the full 3 months after waxing?

Min of 8 weeks, 12 is better.