How long to space appointments?

Hi I’m having electrolysis on my stomach and chest/breast areas and am wondering what is the maximum length of time I would be able to wait between appointments? There is a fairly dense amount of hair in each area but I achieved about an 80% clearance at my first and only session so far. Obviously I want the hair to be gone as quickly as possible. However, financially and time wise it makes more sense for me to have an hour every 3 weeks when lots of hair has grown in as opposed to the recommended half hour every week catching any hairs as they come. My question is…is doing it this way going to greatly increase the amount of time it takes for me to completely get rid of the hair? How long would someone normally be looking at for removal of hair in these areas? Thanks

hey there,

Neither way should significantly change the amount of time you actually spend having electrolysis.

People choose to go every week as soon as hair comes in so that they can maintain the look of the area and the hairlessness. But there is nothing wrong waiting even 6-8 weeks for the next cycle of hair to come through and go for a second full clearance like you did the first.

Then, just keep going this way for a third, fourth, fifth… until your done. It can take anywhere from a year to 18-24 months for it to be fully completely. But! Even by the third or fourth clearance you should notice improvement and you will be spending much less time with your electrologist to achieve that clearance.

Even if you go weekly, it may start of as half and hour, then 20mins, then 15mins and so on.

If you choose clearances every few months, I’d suggest getting that remaining 20% done asap (if you want it gone that is). So that for your second clearance, she is just treating a new lot of hairs and not this remaining 20% as well.