How long to grow back?

How long does it take plucked hair to grow back in the average male? Specifically, hair from a facial mole.

Generally speaking,if you are tweezing the hair out of your mole, that hair can appear anywhere from 6-16 weeks, but the average for most mole hair returning is 6-8 weeks. The blood supply to moles is excellent. That is why one will see thick, very deep dark hair protruding, because the hair is well fed by a good blood supply.

Electrolysis can permanently eliminate mole hair. Because these hairs are charactaristically very thick, the hair may have to be broken down a little at a time over two or three hair growth cycles in order to protect the upper skin. Once the hair is permanently destroyed, the mole almost flattens out and blends into the skin.

In my locale, a physicians perscription is required for electrolysis to be done for mole hair.