how long should it take?

how long will it take to rid myself of the hair on my chin, i guess there is more than i thought, it is on the sides of the chin and some on the neck and jaw line i plucked everyday for 8 yrs, i have been having weekly 1 hr electro appts for 7 mos now, i still havent been cleared, i am in the process of looking for a new electrologist, i am still shaving everyday. help please!!! realistically how long should it take?

i don’t know how long it should take to be completely gone, but i am four months into treating the same area (among others). i can’t tell you exactly how much hair i started out with but it was very coarse and black and there were many ingrowns. i used to pluck it every other day for maybe 7 years or so. when i started electro i went three times a week and in two days it looked as if no work had been done on it, horrible. now i can go a week between treatments. i usually go twice a week though. in a week there will be maybe 10-15 visible black hairs (visible to ME, with the naked eye). on the right side what hairs do grow in are now mostly light brown so sometimes i don’t even see them. i don’t understand how you could have so much that you can’t be cleared. even in the beginning, at the height of my problem, using slow blend i could get cleared or at least CLOSE to it. now i’m seeing an electrologist who uses flash. if i wait a week, she takes about 20 mins. to clear the chin.
so that’s my experience. if you have only seen the one electrologist, i think you’ll find you can get cleared with another one who is better.
i have never shaved in between appointments, at time i clip the hairs but that is pretty much it.
good luck to you and i hope you find someone worth your time and money soon.

Yes, you should check out other practitioners in your area. If you are a woman, in 7 months, I would have you to the point where you would either be seeing me for other parts of the body, or we would only be seeing each other once every 4 to 6 weeks by now.