How long should irritation after electrolysis last

I am on my third electrolysis treatment. I am going twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. The first two sessions were 20 minutes each. The last session was 30 minutes.

The first session I had a few red areas where you could tell had been treated…they cleared within 48 hours. The second session I told her of those issues and she took note, and I had no issues at all. Now, since my last treatment of Tuesday, I am still red, more red than before, with several spots where I can tell treatment has been applied. The redness is localized to these areas, not spread over the whole upper lip. It is definitely noticeable.

Before and after treatment, the electrolgist applies TendSkin. I also ice the area immediately. I apply Witch Hazel or Aloe at home.

I am unsure how long the healing process should take. If my most recent procedure was Tuesday morning, can I reasonably expect still another couple days of healing? I am supposed to go tomorrow and am willing to go as I want to get this completed. But, I do not want to make matters worse… Maybe the 30 minutes was just too much for me?

Oh my … let’s see if this works as intended (for clients).

Maybe the following will explain why “a couple days of healing” is not an appropriate expectation. Go to this channel and watch the 4 videos on “The Healing Skin.”

Point: inflammation is the healing process itself!

I enjoyed the videos, very informative. Unfortunately for me, the healing process seems to be slow. My skin is so very sensitive. She is using a low setting, and concerned that this will not get the hair as effectively. After some discussion, I decided to go with laser for the dark hairs and am doing that with my entire upper lip and two spots on my chin. I have read/heard horror stories on this stimulating hair growth, so I will not have any vellous/fine haired areas lasered. She said she has not had any clients have this issue of darker hairs/more hair growth after laser, but I do NOT want to be her first. Continuing electrolysis on the blonde hairs on upper lip and chin. Only every two to three weeks though my skin can just not handle it.