how long for little bumps to go away ?

I had first ever electrolysis (galvaNIC) appoint. about 3-4 weeks ago and the area was really red bumpy and pussy afterwards,and frankly looked pretty scary and terrible for the first few days ,before it began scabbing about 5 days later. these scabs mostly fell off and disappeared over the next week or so and the area seemed fine.

but for the past 2-3 weeks there have been really small,fine, flesh coloured rough bumps across the area which are kind of hard to see in most lighting but feel very bumpy and rough to touch.

what may be causing these tiny raised,bumpy dots and how long will they usually take to go away ?



Those are normal. And they will go away in a few days. As for the fading away time, it depends on the area and from people to people.

I have multi-probe Galvanic, and after each visit, the skin look horrible, I do not do anything about it.

thanks for that info ants…

does anyone else have a more definite response as to the timespan of these little bumps to which I refer.

Had first appoint. 3-4 weeks ago, and the bumps only appeared after 1-2 weeks (ie: they have been there for about 2-3 weeks, and are very obvious when touched , but not so overtly visible)

Anyone able to offer a more concrete period relating to how long I cvan expect these little raised/rough/bumpy dots to stick around for ?? ( and no… they are not scabs, theyre flesh coloured and hardly visible)


(ps: not the entire area that I had treated has these bumps, only a section of it… if that is of any relevance?)


HI Mrhanky. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I have those same bumps. I had actually posted a question about this same exact issue last wk but NOONE has responded to me. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" /> Anyway, yes, these bumps are flesh-colored and can’t really see them unless I’m in the sun or you look at me from the side. I hate them! Well, the last time I had electrolysis was back in August…so 2 months ago. And I still have these stupid bumps. Weird thing is…I have them on the sides of my face…I haven’t even had too much treatment there. I work on mostly my chin. So I don’t know why I have all these bumps on my face! They’re not on my chin!
I have had probably 4-5 total treatments so far during the summer and they were going pretty well. Of course my skin looked like hell the first 3 days or so but cleared up pretty well after that…except for these stupid bumps that showed up a wk or 2 after treatments.
I don’t know what to do about them…noone on this site is willing to help/answer!

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Hope yours don’t last as long as mine…

bye bye

does anyone else have a more definite response as to the timespan of these little bumps to which I refer.

( and no… they are not scabs, theyre flesh coloured and hardly visible)
Hello Hank,

From my experimence, some of those bumps last about 2 weeks, most of them were gone within a week.

Perhaps FINO or JAMES might be able to shed some real light on the matter of these bumps…

I’m not James or Fino, but I will attempt an explanation, Mrhanky and INeedHelp. I,too, wait for a response from either James or Fino because they are indeed the best sources to answer this question because of their years of experience.

First comment: I personally don’t like the fact that you both said that your skin looked like hell, scary, terrible, scabby for a few days. This outcome has never been a goal of mine on the face, though I’m certainly aware that some electrologists beleive scabbing reveals that the follicle has been probably permanently treated. Some clients healing powers are better than others, so skin manifestations are sometimes unavoidable, but I don’t believe you have to accept that look from hell scenario every time you have electrolysis. Adjustments can be made and permanency can still be acheived.

Two thoughts:

These really small,fine flesh-colored rough bumps that appear 2-3 weeks later could be ingrown hairs. If the hair that was being treated was not sufficiently treated and broke off half way down the follicle, that hair would still continue to grow. Meanwhile the body was repairing the follicle at the top and new healing tissue closed the follicle opening. The trapped hair underneath is trying to push through, thus the little bumps. Exfoliating with a Buf-Puf or using Tend-Skin would be helpful in releasing the trapped hair.

The second thought I reasoned was perhaps your body’s tissue repair mechanism just didn’t know when to stop creating new cells to repair the damage. In it’s overzealous attempt to repair, more than enough repair tissue was made and ‘spilled over’ the top, so to speak, thus the raised bumpy area. A follicle damaged by electrolysis heals from the bottom up. The area that once cradled a hair is being replaced by scar tissue. Again, it stands to reason, that gentle exfoliation may help to level out the area.

I have not experienced these bumps as a former electrolysis client and as an electrologist. I have never had a client present this problem to me. I unfortunately cannot answer the question about HOW LONG before the bumps subside. I can say though, that most skin side effects will be gone in 12-18 months as the top layer of skin is a great regenerating miracle that constantly sheds and makes new cells every 28 days, depending on your age.

Have you presented this question to your electrologist? If not, consider doing so. Seeing a person’s problem gives advantage to one. Also, see if your practioner is willing to make adjustments so you don’t have to deal with what seems to be overtreatment from my side of the fence.

I hope this was helpful. I own all the electrolysis texbooks and videos, and after perusing them, I saw nothing about small fine flesh-colored bumps as treatment side effects. My comments are based on principles of wound healing and are as reasonably close as I can get to explain what might have happened.

James and Fino - Help!



Dee Gave a good responce.

As for Fino and I, we are so busy DOING electrolysis, that we can’t be expected to answer every question on this site. That is why we appreciate all the help from people like Dee, Ants, IHH, Redhead, and on and on, and on…

Anything that doesn’t heal in 3 weeks should be fine in 3 months. Your body replaces all its skin every 3 months. Anything you have for longer than 3 months is something your body is replicating.

Take good care of your skin, eat well, drink water, do good post treatment care, exfoliate, and use healing eliments like tea tree oil and aloe. Electrolysis would not cause skin reactions in places that you have not actually had treatments, and there would be no spillover to areas not directly treated.